America is in a way Fountainhead of Terrorism

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The US is the fountainhead of terror. American policy based on a one point agenda of opposing Russia has turned sour and was extremely short sighted

Epitome of Terror

One of the facets that surrounds us is the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in the guise of Al Qaeda and the Islamic State. These movements have captured the imagination of the youth all over the world and are now a very potent threat. I have been wondering how this could have happened as for decades the Middle East was the backyard of the USA and the West. In fact a look at history shows us that right from the turn of the 20th century after the collapse of the Ottoman empire, the UK and the West called all the shots and even divided the entire area into nations as per their will and fantasy. I am referring to the Simon Pycroft agreement that divided the Middle East. The question is how then could a anti west fervor sweep this area in a short period of time ?

The answer lies in the approach of the USA and the presidents who seized power or shall I say voted to power after the exit of Roosevelt. This man was in my view the last great American president, as after him the men who came were mediocre men with no vision of history. Most American presidents made it a one point plan to contain the Russians and this became the axis of US policy. The Americans were prepared to shake hands with the Devil to contain the Russians, even if it meant shaking hands with extremist Islamists and the so called Mujahideen. It started with Afghanistan when the USA backed the Pakistan president General Zia Ul Haq to foment an armed revolt against the Russians in Afghanistan. The entire episode now looks silly and I recollec watching a film of Sylvester Stallone on Afghanistan which started with the words " dedicated to our brave friends the Mujahedeen."

This was the beginning and after that American committed one blunder after another. The Afghan experiment backfired on the USA itself and the so called Mujahideen turned on their mentor the USA itself. Flush with millions of American dollars and sophisticated weaponry ,( meant for use against Russia), the Afghan organizations like Al Qaeda and Taliban turned on the USA itself. Even now the situation is Afghanistan is precarious and the Al Qaeda and their ilk are teh ones calling the shots. What a short sighted policy this man Reagan had as he just saw the danger of Russia and never realised he was nurturing a Frankenstein.

Next the USA committed blunders of the greatest magnitude and destabilised the entire Middle East. I am talking of the removal of Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi. One is aghast at this aspect of US policy as these 2 men were the bulwarks against Al Qaeda. One cannot forget that Gaddafi was the first man to issue a arrest warrant against Osama bin Laden in 1998 and hanged scores of them. So did Saddam, under who a secular regime survived and he saw to it that Islamic terrorists were hanged at the first opportunity. removing these two dictators opened the Pandora box of terrorism and ultimately led to the rise of the ISIS.

America has thus nurtured Islamic terrorism. i wonder if someone in the Pentagon had planned this. It does look preposterous but there is a real possibility . The only flaw was the ISIS and its ilk turning on the USA itself. The USA is now facing its own creation. One has just to see the arc from Libya to Iraq and Syria to realise that the danger is real. The Americans committed a cardinal blunder or shall I say a calculated devilish plan that turned sour. America has still not learn't its lesson and an example is the support of Pakistan to nurture and foment terrorism in Kashmir.

The USA will have to pay heavily for the sin of just turning a blind eye to Islamic extremism hoping that it will destroy Russia. Things however don't happen that way and now teh USA is faced with a threat that is having it's repercussions with a paranoid fear emanating at home with restrictions of liberty and arming the police like the army . The citizens are feeling the pinch and poverty is rampant there . The costs of fighting unproductive wars and thr rise of ISIL is coming home.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
7th Aug 2015 (#)

Not mincing your words to drive home your point, thanks Madan.

I always felt there were hidden agenda behind American forays as some were against logic. I took that the arms lobby were dictating terms to supply their wares to "enemies of enemy" but there are no permanent enemies or friends in this world.

As Karl Marx said "Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people". We can see that in action in the Middle East Yes, Saddam and Gaddafli were the bastions, bulwark, against the extremism but now a can of worms, in fact many have been opened due to thoughtless actions. The gun culture has spread to all corners of the world.

It is time to work with others than on the sly. When the intentions are honorable we can be above board - what for the UN anyway - siva

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author avatar Retired
7th Aug 2015 (#)

Madan, I think there is a lot of truth in what you say.

The American approach has often been "There are bad guys out there - let's hit them hard and then there won't be any more bad guys out there".

However, what they have failed to appreciate is that this attitude only creates more "bad guys" who want to hit back. This often takes the form of future generations seeking revenge for what America did to their fathers and grandfathers.

We have seen this happen time and time again, and yet the lesson never seems to be learned. America has too often tried to control the world but the world wants to control itself and not form part of an alien hegemony. Not for nothing is the United States known as the "Great Satan" in many Moslem countries.

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author avatar Wayne Pallas
7th Aug 2015 (#)

Madan, I am not a history or politics expert, and undoubtedly your claims have merit, but I am unable to agree that the USA is the "the fountainhead of terror". A proper response would take pages so I'll have to make this short. "Terrorism" can be a rather nebulous term, dependent on the viewpoint of the person using it. With due respect to non-extremist Muslim readers, I could make a case for stating that Islam itself, not America, has nurtured Islamic terrorism. I also think it is helpful to consider how alleged terrorist countries treat their own citizens. Syria, Iran, Saddam's Iraq, etc., oppress(ed) their own people. Anyone in a position of power can make mistakes, deliberate or not, but there is more to the character of a country than the actions of its leaders. You conveniently neglect the enormous amount of financial aid the USA sends to a number of other countries. Unlike ISIS, which apparently seeks world domination, the USA partners with and supports countries, sometimes to our detriment. For instance, how many other countries send medical and other personnel to Africa to help the needy? Finally, you fail to mention the actions of other superpowers like Russia and China which could also be considered terrorist countries from your criteria. It's unfortunate that the USA has not always done the right thing, but I also do not believe that terrorism has originated here, as you seem to imply. Thank you for your comments...

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author avatar Retired
7th Aug 2015 (#)

Wayne, You ask how many other countries help the needy in Africa? Virtually every country in Europe for starters!

One problem with American foreign policy is that Americans tend to think that they have the right solutions and must export them to countries less fortunate than themselves. Democracy is a case in point - it works in most western countries (although how well it works in the United
States is a moot point given the way that votes can be bought and the peculiar nature of the American Constitution), but efforts to impose democracy on countries such as Iraq have proved far from successful. It is a western notion that does not suit the culture of eastern societies.

One might also add the unstinting support for Israel that America has given in the past - mainly for domestic political reasons. This does not go down well in the Arab world, and is the cause of much of the terrorism that has resulted.

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author avatar Randhir Bechoo
10th Aug 2015 (#)

Another interesting article Madan. Thanks for the share.

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