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Many women who are trying to conceive or believe they are pregnant are constantly asking the question "how early can pregnancy symptoms show up?" While women who actually experience signs of pregnancy begin to "feel" pregnant by the 8th week of pregnancy, some many feel them before a missed period and some even later on in the first trimester.

How Early Can Pregnancy Symptoms Show?

If you feel you may be pregnant or have been trying to conceive, you may be wondering how early can you show signs of pregnancy. This is a common question that many potential expectant mothers have especially when it is around the time of their menstrual period.

A majority of women will experience signs of pregnancy from the very beginning, some even before a missed period. Others many never experience pregnancy symptoms or even realize that they are pregnant with the exception of a positive pregnancy test. If you are trying to conceive or believe you may be pregnant, here a list of early pregnancy symptoms that you may experience:

•Implantation bleeding
•Delay or changes in menstrual period
•Breast growth and firmness
•Back pain (usually in the lower part of your back)
•Morning sickness
•Appetite changes
•Constipation and stomach burning

What These Early Pregnancy Symptoms Mean

One of the earliest signs of pregnancy is implantation bleeding. This occurs approximately 6 to 12 days after conception. The embryo implants into the uterine wall; at this point, women may experience implantation bleeding or spotting which is very normal or light cramps in the pelvic area. The amount of bleeding experienced is minimal and usually only results in a few spots here and there.

A missed period is the largest sign that you are pregnant. While some women find out she is pregnant before missing a period, most find out once they have missed a period or shortly after. One thing to remember is that mild bleeding is common during pregnancy; the difference is the duration of these bleeding episodes will be shorter and the color is much different than that of your period.

Breast growth and firmness usually appears one to two weeks after conception takes place. Changes in breast size and firmness are mostly due to hormonal changes that you experience during pregnancy. This symptom is also common before your menstrual period starts and is usually not a tell-tale sign that you are in fact pregnant.

Back pain is another symptom that shows how early can you show signs of pregnancy. Besides weight gain that will come later on causing even more pain in your lower back, hormonal changes will also make you feel achiness and lower back pain.

Morning sickness (nausea and/or vomiting) is probably one of the very first (and very unpleasant sign) of pregnancy. Many women are fortunate to not experience this symptom at all during their pregnancy while about 12% of all pregnant women will experience morning sickness to some degree early on. It usually starts within the 6th week of pregnancy and can last throughout the entire first trimester into the early weeks of the second trimester or it can persist throughout the entire pregnancy. Nausea doesn’t always appear in the morning as indicated by its name. It can come and go throughout the day or in a very small number of women, can be persistent the entire day. Morning sickness occurs as a hormonal response in the early weeks of pregnancy.

Headaches are another very common early sign of pregnancy. Persistent headaches usually start about six weeks after conception has taken place as a result of changes in your hormones. Rest is the most effective way to subside the pain. Taking Tylenol is safe to use throughout your pregnancy although you should always check with your doctor first before taking any medication for your pregnancy ailments.

A change in appetite, whether you are eating more or less, is another common sign of early pregnancy. If you enjoy eating certain kinds of food, you may experience food aversions making the smell of your favorite foods unbearable to be around. On the other hand, foods you would never even think about eating before pregnancy become some of your favorites during pregnancy.

Hormonal changes can affect your digestive system resulting in constipation and stomach burning (indigestion). This burning sensation in your stomach is more commonly known as indigestion or heartburn. It usually doesn’t show up until the later part of your first trimester into your second trimester and can sometimes be experienced throughout your entire pregnancy.

So how early CAN you show signs of pregnancy? It varies from pregnancy to pregnancy and from person to person. Some women will begin to experience signs before a missed period. Others may not feel any of these symptoms until later on in the first trimester. And still others may not experience these symptoms at all during their pregnancy.


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