Africans vs. African-americans vs. Caucasians

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This is not an attack on Africans, African-Americans or Caucasians. This is my opinion on why the Black race is drastically falling behind other races in terms of economical and technological advances.

Hatred on the Colour Black

Black people from America don’t want to be acknowledged as Blacks or Africans even though their veins are filled to the brim with African blood – their descendents originated from Africa, but they still insist to be known as African-American or Coloured people.

Most African-Americans despise Africans, as they perceive them as savages; naked and running wild in the forests of Africa due to the brainwashing that the Caucasian race as implemented on the Afro-Americans hundreds of years ago to hate anything black especially anything or anyone from Africa. Africans on the other hand, openly embrace their fellow long-lost brothers and sisters from the West.

There is so much division between black people from all walks of life, African-Americans disregard their African heritage and Africans are starting to do the same thing. Blacks don’t want to be associated with anything African, beautiful black women bleach their skins and put long straight weaves into their hair to look like their Caucasian counterparts. The funny thing is that most Caucasians don’t conceive them as their counterparts, but rather as inferior and less intelligent to their own white race. How can Black People move positively forward when they abandon their powerful rich roots and their colourful vibrant past?

Caucasian Dependency

Black people all over the globe are solely dependent on other races for everything they consume, from food, clothes, cars and many other products that they cannot produce for themselves. African-Americans are just concerned about wearing Timberland boots (even though their executives are against advertising to Black people), driving flashy cars (while their numerous off-springs don’t even have a college fund). They like sitting in front of the t.v. all day and watch filth such as M.T.V, and B.E.T. Everywhere, all around the world, Black people are killing each other, from the streets of Harlem to the streets of Somalia. They never learn from their mistakes, they repeat them all over and over again, while Caucasian leaders sit back and laugh heartily at their stupidity.

Black people from Africa, America and the Caribbean should strive to work together in the recovery of their natural resources and establish Black owned industries that can convert their raw materials to final finished products to be sold abroad to Caucasian countries at exorbitant prices, just like the Whites doing to Africa. This will keep the inherited riches of Africa in Black hands. Other races are advancing rapidly to new heights in technology, medicine, economy and infrastructure except Black people, the only thing they dominate is sports and music, but yet Blacks don’t own any factories that make sports or musical equipment nor do they own any music distribution companies. How are Black people going to advance if they only study the easiest courses in college such as Business Administration and Social Science. They need more Black engineers, scientists and doctors. Black people world over should remember they came from Africa, the richest continent in the world, yet it’s Whites from America, Europe, Asians and Indians who are enjoying the wealth of Africa while Africans themselves starve to death and their Black leaders dance to the tune of Whites.

Exploitation of The Black Race

White America had funded the now deceased rebel leader Jonas Savimbi, from Angola, with money and weapons to cause civil unrest while America used the opportunity to rob Angola blind of its immense oil and diamond deposits, and still continues to do so till this day. Africa is still being exploited by Caucasians governments from all around the world. They buy off many corrupt African leaders, so they can continue to rape Africa’s natural resources while its people live on less than U$ 1.00 a day.

Economical Slaves

When will Black people be economically free from other races. Are they the least intelligent race in the world? I don’t agree with that notion. Black people have to rise above the propensity for luxury goods that only lose value over time. They should let go of the inferior mentality Caucasians have been feeding their minds for over 500 years, they need to unite all Black people from Africa, America and the Caribbean. The Black race need to establish Black owned enterprises where they have total control of all aspects of the operations. They should stop investing their money in Caucasian companies, as only the White race will benefit from the profits in the long run. Since Black people love gold and diamonds so much, why don’t they start establishing refineries where they can refine the ore themselves and produce jewelry and other goods, instead of shipping the raw materials to White controlled countries where it’ll be refined and sold back to them at exorbitant prices.

Slavery in the 21st Century

A worldwide Black Revolution should occur soon, or otherwise Black people will continue to be economic slaves till the end of days. They have to fight back against White rule, not by physical means, but by using their most powerful weapon – their mind, they need to tap into the most inner depths of their intelligence and exert tenfold to the Caucasians, what atrocities they committed against them!


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author avatar Leroy
10th Mar 2011 (#)

Always blame whitey. Whitey does not have some mind control to make these Africans do what they do. This is so prejudice. Haven’t white people done this to white people? Come on tell the truth... How about the Irish they were slaves here in America so let’s tell their side of the story. How about all the whites in Australia where did they come from..... We the light skinned people are sick of you, and are standing up for ourselves to reveal the truth about you bigots, and to protect ourselves and our children from you.

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author avatar Kagemni
10th May 2011 (#)

It's simply ignorant to compare the plight of Africans in america who endured antebellum servitude, and the African colonial past to Irish indentured servants, and the Australian situation. If you are a student of history, and not revisionist b.s., this is obvious. Do us a all a favor, and go read.

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author avatar Shayla
11th Apr 2011 (#)

To start this post off by saying that this isn't an attack and that it's just your opinion is ridiculous! How can you say that MOST Most African-Americans despise Africans? How many did you actually ask? Your title should be I'm a raciast and let me tell you why!

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author avatar LBH
26th Sep 2011 (#)

Amen, Shayla!

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author avatar Mandy
6th May 2011 (#)

this is horribly racist. how can you even say these things?
"this is not an attack" - who are you kidding??? this IS an attack, a horribly racist one at that.

"...They never learn from their mistakes, they repeat them all over and over again, while Caucasian leaders sit back and laugh heartily at their stupidity." - who do you think you are to say these things? they never learn from their mistakes, and whites laugh at their stupidity? you should be beyond ashamed of yourself for saying such horrible things. it it the racist, smug asshole pricks like yourself that are the downfall of humanity. shame on you.

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author avatar John
13th Jul 2011 (#)

I know more caucasians that are second and third generation born in Africa than I do blacks born in Africa. Why is it assumed when we say "African-American" we think of black people. Isn't Morrocco, Saudi Arabia and Libya in Africa. Are all those people Blacks, no. Then why is it that Blacks are the only race we consider African-Americans.

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author avatar Ned.Kelly
18th Oct 2011 (#)

Because Blacks are descendents only from Africa ...libians,morrocco, are originaly from saudit arabia (a place from outside from Africa).
And another one thing!, the slavery was created from arabians and the first slaves was whites people from south europe(mediteranian) in the antiquity

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author avatar Paul
3rd Nov 2011 (#)

I have personal experience with dating black women and being around them most of my life, cuz I played basketball and at one point was the only white guy on the team. Anyways, all I want to say is that if you are a black person in the 21st century that wants to succeed in life, you are given free scholarships just for being BLACK! Black people don't understand that white people go out of their way now to help blacks, but you gotta want to HELP YOURSELF. White bosses at jobs are afraid to discipline a black man for fear of a lawsuit! This isn't hearsay! Its actual experience. I think its so stupid when a black man blames whitey for their being lack of jobs in a certain profession! What do u expect companies to do? Hire a black person just cuz he's black? They hire the most qualified. I wonder how many black Oceanographers are out there lol. My advice: Just tell the TRUTH!

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author avatar The truth
30th Dec 2011 (#)

Well for one thing history is long and hard and the truth is out there. There really is no such thing as white, black, and brown races!! There is Europeans, Africans, and Asians. Everything else is mixture of the three. There is no pure race, so why fight over stupid sh##. Fighting and wars are all over the world and has been going on forever, it is not a black thing, or white thing, it is a human thing. What affect one person on the planet affects all...period!!! what we really have is displaced wealth. Education in and of itself will not make you wealthy or free! teachers and professors no not make the money that people in the basketball, football, and entertainment industries make; and yes these are industries that actual pay!!! it about survival and if blacks did dominate the sciences, it would not take long before it would become slighted and frown upon! lol a person's career and racism are two separate issues. One more thing, You have no idea who own the banks and business, just because you see white faces working there. If the Saudi's and Asians were to pull their money out we would fall flat on our American and European faces, by the way, how many businesses do you own? I wonder who makes more money, Oceanographers or Football Players? Ohooo...Tennis Players? or Politicians?

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author avatar bronnamdi
21st Jan 2012 (#)

There are only two races in the world. There are also two tribes and nationalities as well.

The rich and the poor.

Rich people of any colour, tribe or language behave alike while the poor of any nation, creed or language also behave alike.

The rich read while the poor watch TV. The rich make money while the poor complain and gossip among them.

The rich sleep very little and the poor sleep a lot.

So, which tribe or colour are you? RICH or POOR?

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author avatar Bettye
11th Apr 2012 (#)

There are not only 2 races in the world.

This article is crap from all angles. Race is completely irrelevant in the grande scheme of LIFE; society has created it and it's a manufactured concept used to control and manipulate.

Only IDIOTS fall prey to this propaganda; and then they go out and commit violent acts or recite some bigot garbage like the good little puppets that they are.

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author avatar Blunt Head
11th Jul 2012 (#)

Truth hurts for all of us doesn't article is not racist at all and those who view it as such are living in a bubble-gum world and ignorant to the truth that lies before their eyes...DO THE RESEARCH AND YOU'LL BE SURPRISED.

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