Advice for the Pregnant Woman

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Advice I have learned through my pregnancy and wish I knew the first time.

Advice for the Pregnant Woman

I recently found out one of my friends is pregnant for the first time and was thinking of all the advice or things I wish I knew when I was pregnant for the first time.

A lot of people say sleep a lot because once you have kids you will never sleep again. This may be good advice but can be frustrating because for a good portion of your pregnancy you often feel 'wired' or like you have insomnia.

Cocoa Butter ... a Miracle Worker

So my advice is to firstly put cocoa butter everywhere not just your growing belly and chest. Stretch marks are easy to prevent but quite difficult to get rid of. I quit smoking so I put on 20 - 30 pounds before I even reached the 3 month mark. Fortunately I was quick to lose it.

Search for Sales and Secondhand

Secondly it can be expensive to purchase everything you will need for the new baby. So look for deals and sales at all the different stores. Some people chided me for having the nursery almost completely set up at 6 months but I wasn't worried about having to do it if the baby came early and didn't pay full price for anything.

Also I recommend taking advantage of second hand baby clothes. I heard about a store form the girls at work and went to check it out and it happened to be their twice annual sale where you could fill a grocery bag for $10 ! Needless to say we got over $400 worth of clothes for a mere $10. Also newborn clothing is in good shape because babies grow so quickly a lot o items even had the original tags on them.

Use the 'Nesting' to your Advantage

There`s a period in your pregnancy when you feel the `nesting` feeling when you want to get everything ready - use this to your advantage and clean the house, also I wish I would have frozen some meals for those first couple of hectic weeks when the baby comes home.

Pamper Yourself!

And my last piece of advice would be to pamper yourself. Go get your hair cut and a pedicure not only will it make you feel better it`s nice to have it done in case you don`t get a chance right away.

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