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Parenting is the process of raising the child from infancy to adulthood and in this process all parents need a little advice now and then. Parenting relationship becomes more complex when the child enters the teenage stage.


Parenting is the process of raising the child from infancy to adulthood and in this process all parents need a little advice now and then. Parenting relationship becomes more challenging and confusing when our child enter their teenage years. Managing and guiding their teenage child in the right path is a herculean task for most of the parents. Children are unique with different characters and everyone has different temperament. Some child are smart, soft spoken and behaves in a perfect manner as their parents wishes. Other children are very tough to control and they seem to ignore you which would be quite frustrating especially as a parent. There are several factors like money,social status which affects the parenting decisions. Parenting takes a lot of skill and patience because parents of teenagers should be prepared to understand the transition between childhood and adulthood. In this article my desire is to help parents and if your relationship with your teen is going through a lean patch - here are some suggestions about what you should do to improve your relationship with your teenage child.

Problems faced by teenagers

The first and foremost thing parents should commit is to understand the problems faced by their children. Teens today are well equipped with money and this facilitates the way to indulge in bad activities and in the end they might get addicted to alcohol or drugs. Younger generations often socialize online and get addicted to any social networking sites or games and they are alienated from their parents. Another major problem faced by most teenagers is stress and it was caused by various reasons. Stress can be brought about by families,friends and the list goes on. These problems are very serious and some teenagers commit suicide because of too much stress. So, the role of parents play an important role in counter attacking the mentioned problems.

Teenage rebellion

Teenage rebellion is one of the major problem faced by parents caused by their children. Teens are faced with a lot of pressure in all aspects of their life and it's no wonder that sometimes they act out or rebel. Rebellion can cause some serious harm for both parents and children and so most parents dislike them to the core. If your child is out of control and disobedient do not get worried and don't ignore your child. As a parent when you notice signs of rebellion being come out from your child, take proper steps and sit and talk with your teen son or daughter or provide proper counselling else you have to struggle a lot to guide your teenage children.

Positive parenting

As a parent, our role in parenting is much greater than giving away orders and be authoritative towards our children. Study the typical character of your child and act accordingly. Below I had suggested few tips which is quite useful if your relationship with your teenage children is not fruitful.

Take interest in their interests. You should mould yourself to go in your child's way rather than forcing your child to follow your way. This would give your child a lot of confidence and respect towards you.

Stop giving advices. Rather than giving advices listen to your child and allow them to voice their opinion which would give them the feeling of being heard and being understood which ultimately yeilds fruitful results.
Have a nice conversation with your child and ask them the different ways by which you can help them ,if they answer that they can manage themselves in certain things don't need your help, don't feel discouraged and don't try to interfere in the matter in the future.
Spend some quality time with your children and have a nice chat about general things, movies and sports so that the children can look at you in a different way.
Provide a supportive and loving atmosphere and maintain a friendly relationship.
Don't compare your child with other child since it creates a lot of disturbances in their minds and don't set you and them up to fail by having expectations.
Whether your child is successful or not, you must compliment your child quite often and don't critciize them.
If things are going beyond your control ,then proper counselling must be provided by some youth counsellor as it is the best approach.

Famous parent quotes

One can tell a child is growing up when he stops asking where he come from and refuses to say where he's going. It is entirely possible to raise your children into polite, courteous and gentle persons, but it is up to the parents who plant the seed and how they take care of the seed determines whether the tree grows into a sandalwood tree or any other unwanted trees.


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