Advantages to open and closed forums

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Advantages to open and closed forums. Which one will you choose?

Advantages to open and closed forums

Nowadays, nearly everybody is an internet surfer. Near all teenagers have the ability to find latest information from the net. Google and Yahoo search engines are bringing you all kind of basic information. However, not all the things can be searched by search engines. For examples, private data and files, and information with can only read by login users, these kind of data cannot be found through search engines. One of the big examples, is forums. Some of the private posts in forums require user to login before enquire. If you are not a registered member of the forum, you cannot read the post. Even Google and Yahoo cannot show you the hidden information. In my country, there are two big head forums. One is named Uwants, and one is named Have you ever access them before? They have a lot of international users, including those from HK, US, Canada, etc. Therefore, many people try to search their interested topics through forums. Forums has two kinds, open and closed. Open forums let every one to be active. Even you are not a registered user, you can still leave a message, and you can post anything you want. No 'Administrator' is going to delete your improper posts. Closed forum is more strict. Normally only registered, and even selected users can post. And unrelated or improper words can get your account deleted. In my country, both forums exists. However, Open forums are much more popular. This is the one I like most too. Think about it. Why people need to communicate using forums? The main reason is , everyone want to speak what they think freely. They want to tell, and they want to share their experience without any limitation. Usually they want their sharing to be read by the public, not the limited users. For the repliers, they want their opinions to be fully shared also. These can all be done in Open forums, whereas in Closed forums, when the 'Administrator' think that you violate some of the rules, they warn you to modify the post, or simply simply delete you post. This is exactly a violation of idea sharing, and this is the main point of using forums. What will you feel if an article that you typed every single word, get simply deleted in the forum? Therefore, I truely think that closed forums should relax and get rid of some of their rules, in order to attract more and more users to join.


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