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The second part of the Article,"Adultery 101", with tips.

Getting the Parameters

You can't stop a hurricane, you can only mitigate damage. You take out an insurance policy so that at the end of the hurricane you will not lose everything, and will be reimbursed to some extent for your loss.

You can't stop adultery you can only mitigate the destruction it will wreck on your life,

Adultery Insurance prevents the cheater from taking your 'whole world' to taking your marriage.

My World is Gone

Many people define themselves by their marriage. The wife subsumes the husband's life and becomes an appendage. When he leaves with Slutina, he takes her 'whole world'.

Some men are so into their wives they can't imagine living without them. Then they find out their wives have been living without him.

The shock factor has to be taken into consideration, for many spouses blind themselves to the signs and symbols of adultery..

Once you realise it CAN happen to you, (hopefully before the wedding) you can construct your life in a more sensible configuration.

Check List

The usual expression; "When people marry they become one person" is to be expunged.

One has to maintain their own identity, their own lives, not become half of another's circle.

This means keeping up with one's friends, one's job, one's existence.

Too many women will turn their career into a Jobette, their friends into acquaintances and reform their lives to fit into their husband's.

When he commits adultery, the wife will be devastated because he didn't just destroy the marriage, he took her 'Whole Life.'

So keeping a life, the life one had before marriage, (sans romantic involvements) means that when he doesn't come home Friday night, her world doesn't end.


Your friends, if they are real friends, will always be there for you. Not to balance your marriage with your friendships, but to maintain both.

Some people don't like their space filled with people, so see them when your spouse is not home, see them at their homes, meet them in public. But don't cut them off.

Men who intend to abuse their wives need to dispose of witnesses first. So there is more than one reason to maintain them.

Often family members will be the ones to discern the adultery of a spouse and be there to give support.

In short, making yourself 'alone' save for your spouse is a way to be totally alone.


When you do not give up your job for marriage, but continue in your career you at least have a place to go. You at least have some money coming in.

You should have your own bank account, which you religiously feed, joint accounts are treachery, for when his gal demands something, taking it from that account is first choice.

Have your own money that he can never touch. Even if the marriage is wonderful and there is never a single episode; imagine reaching 60 with an account you have fed with $50 a week for forty years. Plus interest.

Further, when you have your own career, when he walks out, he only takes his life, not your's, because you are not dependent on him.

Understanding Reality

When one marries, attractiveness often increases for certain types of people. The idea of 'taking' the spouse from another is an ego boost.

Sometimes it is a way to 'get back' at an enemy, sometimes it is a way to 'prove' oneself is 'better', hence the ring is more an attraction then a repellent.

Many times a man will feel inferior and 'prove' he still 'has it' by getting another woman into bed. Sometimes a woman feeling neglected will reach out to someone else.

No one can swear they will 'never', unless confronting temptation and surmounting it.

People change, you may think you married one type of a man only to learn he is a different kind. Often when you meet his family (or her family) you see where your spouse is going.

Further, never think it is you; that if you did/didn't or were/weren't you will protect yourself.

Men have betrayed beauty queens for clerks with two left feet in the juck stop position.
Women have had affairs with gardeners while their professor husbands were on campus.

All you can do is make sure you have a life independent so that all you lose is your marriage.


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author avatar Anisha Achankunju (Aiyanna)
19th Sep 2011 (#)

Commiting adultry is a choice and yes most importantly shows the respect that you have for the person you are cheating too.

If you are not happy with them tell them on the face and walk out of the relationship.

Relationships are based on respect, trust is a different issue but personal inadequacy is the single most cause of cheating in a relationship. There is something called saying no to temptation and walking away.

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author avatar Vernazoa
19th Sep 2011 (#)

It sickens me to think about adultery.

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author avatar kaylar
20th Sep 2011 (#)

It is very sad; most people don't want to concider it, and then it happens, and takes them by surprise and disrupts their lives.

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author avatar Buzz
20th Sep 2011 (#)

Loved your wisdom on independence in wedlock.

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author avatar kaylar
20th Sep 2011 (#)

Thanks you. One must maintain some sense of autonomy in Marriage.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
21st Sep 2011 (#)

There is a writer I know on another site who insists that everyone is an adulterer, I refuse to believe this. I do not think everyone is a cheat.
Its very sad when it happens.

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author avatar kaylar
21st Sep 2011 (#)

It depends on the character. I remember working with a man who was so deep into the work that the new secretary, who was clearly trying to seduce him, was so outside of his thoughts.
One day she wore a purple skirt slit to her vava and I was like what the hell....and his wife said to me, ask him what his secretary was wearing.
He paused and said, 'a skirt' and I said, 'what colour?" and he thought, "Green?"

There are other men who can see that the woman at the desk across the room is not wearing a bra.

It's not everybody, but you don't know who.

BTW; your wife got me addicted to Webanswers

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