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Infants and new born children are not the only ones up for adoption. Adopting a toddler and older children may prove to be just the thing for you.

Benefits of Adopting A Toddler

People looking to adopt a child into their homes may also consider adopting a toddler. Adopting a toddler may help lessen the burden on adoptive families in terms of late night feedings and diaper changes. This will give adoptive couples the chance to manage their time better.

Another benefit to adopting a toddler is knowing that you have provided a home and a loving environment for a child that needs your care and nurturing. Most toddlers are available through adoption either because they have not been able to get matched as infants, they have recently suffered deep loss or they fall under the “special needs” category of children up for adoption.

If a couple is interested in adopting a toddler, they can do so either through public adoption agencies or social services, through private adoption and even adopt a toddler from a foreign country through international adoption.

Adopting A Toddler From Public Agencies

Adopting a toddler through public adoption agencies or through social services more often than not means that the child may have special needs. A child with special needs is a term usually used to describe children that have disabilities that entail either special care and medical treat, special education and the like.

Adopting a toddler that falls under this category ensures that at least one of the many children with special needs will find the loving and caring home that he or she deserves. Many infants with special needs grow up in foster care instead of in permanent establishments and adopting a toddler gives them the opportunity to escape this fate.

Adopting A Toddler Through Private and International Adoption

New born infants are the most common matches and goals for private adoptions but adopting a toddler is also possible through this process.

Adopting a toddler through independent or private adoption will ensure a speedier process due to more autonomy from agency regulations and rules.

To be able to adopt a toddler privately, the prospective parents need to acquire the services of an adoption lawyer. An international adoption for toddlers can also be done with an adoption lawyer but having the aid of a reliable and trustworthy international adoption agency will help a lot in this endeavor.

Disadvantages Of Adopting A Toddler

While great lengths are taken to ensure the best interest of the child up for adoption, foster care may not always provide their needs.

Adopting a toddler means that the child is presently in foster care and may go through an adjustment period when brought to your home. This is different from the experience of adopting a new born where in most of the time, the adoptive parents are able to take the baby home from the hospital after they are born.

A disadvantage and risk to adopting a toddler in this case is that the adoptive parents will have little to knowledge of the child’s medical history and background, not to mention that the adoptive couple will not get to meet the child’s birth mother to find out certain details about the child that may be helpful in the future.


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