Adopted child-the gift of God

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Adopted child is the gift of God.How the adopted child are handed over to newly adoptive parents within a reasonable time is quite demanding. In recent times adoption is no longer taboo in the society, rather welcome in the family.

Who is adopted child?

A child is adopted by the childless couple at a crucial time when a child becomes abandoned,surrendered or orphaned.There are so many childless couples registered in the specialised adoption agency to get a child. It is a time consuming affair.When the child will be available in the specialised adoption agency, the child will be handed over to the child less couple who are eager to get a normal child with the concurrence of the child welfare committee and the district judge of the district . The selection of the childless couple are made on the basis of the reports made available from the field officers. of that agency.Only those childless couples who are capable of nurturing the child are recommended for adoption As soon as the child is handed over to the childless couple. it is presumed that they are mentally prepared to own the responsibility of the child.As a result the child will become part of the family. Under no circumstances can the child be separated from the family. It is presumed that the child will inherit their property. The adopted child will enjoy all facilities at home in the family.The legal status of the child is also very strong.He can never be neglected by his adopted parents. The adopted child can never be discriminated on the basis of the fact that a new child is born out of the wedlock.The adopted child is safeguarded by law. It is generally observed that the adopted child is really more intelligent than the normal child. He can adjust himself with the new parents and new family.I am really shocked to hear that a male baby is born in the hospital on the day when his mother expired after delivery . It is an irony of fate that his father expired before his birth.The doctors,sisters and ayahs took charge of that male baby.In the long run.this male baby was taken to the specialised adoption agency from where this male baby is adopted by a childless couple after one and half year.

Significance of adopted child

The childless couple becomes reckless to have a child adopted without any further loss of time, Now the child is handed over after all the legal formalities are observed.It is really tough time when the child is handed over to new parents.Psychologically the members of that specialised adoption agency are so attached with that child, Similarly the psychology of the child is also painful but lasting for a short time.The adopted child has become a new member of the family. He has adjusted himself with new environment.Gradually he has addressed new members as his own father and mother,grand father and grand mother. He can identify his near relations and get himself acquainted with them . A day will come when he will forget his past and embrace his new thoughts and ideas. we pray to God that he will succeed in life.

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