Abortion is Devilish

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If enough education and more awareness is created about abortion -it will help more people to reduce the plan of doing it. not just the young ones but all.

Abortion Means killing

Many people argue that it is wrong to teach their kids about sex. Some people think that sex education is coterminous with teaching them how to have sex. It is a wrong assumption. Parents need to do a better job of teaching their kids about what action beget what consequences. If one defecates on his way to the market, on his way back flies will welcome him. If we fail to prepare our teenage kids about what the consequences of pre-marital sex, then we should not blame them for the ignorance. We have to teach them right and wrong. You have to do your own part and leave the rest to God. Do not assume that teaching them about life is exposing them to promiscuity. Whatever you say to them, they would still do what they want to do. It only takes the grace of God.
I am a firm believer of abstinence as my faith taught me. Medically, psychologically and morally speaking, this is the best way to prevent not only unwanted pregnancy but venereal diseases including the most dreaded of them called AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). The mantra is that “If you do not have sex, you do not get pregnant or contact venereal disease”. Some parents drum this into the head of their kids. Back in the days when I was in the final year of my University, I met a girl. Though we remained good friends, we never took our friendship to the next level. It was later in life that she explained her fears then to me. She opened up and told me what I could never have thought was possible. Her mother warned her that if a man ‘touches’ her, she would be pregnant. She grew up with that message in her head and was ruled by it, that even a kiss would make her pregnant. Even though at the time, she was considered a big girl, but she knew next to nothing about sexuality. She concluded that if she didn’t have sex, she would not get pregnant. She did not know anything about ovulation cycle or how it worked. She knew everything about most issues at the time, but was so dumb about man and woman issues. It was too complicated to her since she had a bottom-line: no sex, no pregnancy. It was way after her graduation that she knew what was going on. But hers was an exception. There are other girls that threw overboard whatever was told to her by their mothers about sex

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