A Tribute to All Fathers

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It is a special time of year to say a special thanks to fathers all over the world. While there are some who challenge the active roles of fathers today, others feel that many are not shown the well-deserved respect! To all of the fathers who take steps on a daily basis to help children grow, develop and respect themselves and others, "thank you!"

Fathers Were Created

Believe it or not, we would not be here today to read, write or make suggestions for such an article, had we not had a father. In order for child to come into the world, it does take a man and a woman to create a child. Since mothers carry the child during pregnancy for close to nine months, some feel that the special role should be granted to her. This is often shared during Mother's Day.

Who Is Your Father?

We find more families asking this question for assurance purposes. Some men have been led to believe that they are the father of some children, only to be disappointed upon finding out differently.

Many children learn at a very early age to call an adult male, "daddy", especially in cases of the absent father, the missing daddy, or the unaccepting father. The old thought about any man can become a "daddy," but it takes a real man to become a father.

Father Or Not Here I Come

When many children in the United States are born, they are often brought up in a single-parent family, usually the mother. Seldom is the single-household led by the father or male figure alone. Today's children are often told various stories about "where daddy is."
Sometimes if the father is incarcerated, children respond by saying, "my dad went away."
While others tell specifically where the father is located. "My daddy is in jail." Still others feel that the young child should not be burdened with the whereabouts of the absent father who is not a part of their lives anyhow.

Are You My Father?

There is a children's book where the various animals are asking the question of who is their parent? Children today who may not know their fathers often wonder if newly met men could possibly be their fathers. Mothers often feel sad about not telling the child that there may be some questions on fatherhood.
Regardless of the circumstances, there should be an adult male role model for every child. Research shows that a positive male adult can make a major difference in the li

Fathers Are Very Special

Each of us can recall something special about our fathers. Remember when we had special family time? Remember when we would all gather, holding hands for the "family prayer. Then everyone would sit around the living room floor, with dad as the lead storyteller about what happened when he was a boy growing up in Mississippi. We children never knew which part of the story was true and which part was imagined. We really didn't care, it was just fun to listen to him.

Daddy Had A Special Way of Saying Things

Some of my friends think my father talk the way he does because he grew up in the south, and they just talk differently. I don't know why my father wouldn't just say, "suppertime or dinnertime." He would call all nine of us children, name by name as if her were a teacher taking attendance.
"Jamie, come eat."
"Susie, come eat."
Malika come eat."
"Anthony come eat."
"Tomas, come eat."
"Michael, come eat."
"Tiffany, come eat."
"Brian, come eat."
"Gloria, come eat."
Then after he called each one of our names he would say, "and wash your hands before you enter your mother's "chompin" table. Why couldn't he just say your mother's table?

Interpreting the Meanings of Daddy

I remember daddy kept saying, "enter your mother's chomp in' table, when out younger sister, Tiffany was only four years-old. She said, "Daddy why you cuss every time you tell us to come eat?" Daddy seem embarrassed and shocked by the question. He was trying to understand the question and when and how his young daughter had misinterpreted what he was trying to say. He responded by telling her, I never cuss, so what are you talking about? Tiffany said, "uh huh, you always cussing about mama's table, when you say her "chompin" table. Daddy thought about her comment, and said, "from now on, I'll just say your mother's table. Tiffany smiled and said, "good."

Our Daddy Was the Man of the House

As we were growing up, we didn't understand why daddy had to tell us so many times that he was the man of the house. Well since he was the only male adult living in our household, there was no question that he was the man of the house. We all believed him and were convinced. We unanimously felt like he didn't have to keep repeating himself on the topic.

Besides his repetition of how he was the man of he house, he would say, I wear the pants here. Well now, this must have been one of those needed southern statements because we just couldn't quite grasp this one. There were five girls and four boys in our family. Well the girls wore dresses most of time, and pants some of the time. But the boys wore some type of pants all of the time. So why did he feel like he was the only one who wore pants?

Daddy Was A Family Provider

Soon we learned why daddy said he wore the pants. He was a hard working factory worker who never missed a day of work. He was committed and dedicated to his job. He realized the value of employment and being able to provide economically for the family. Mom didn't work outside of the home, especially since the care for nine children was a full-time job. Daddy paid all of the bills, bought food, made sure our needs were met with clothing, shelter, school materials, supplies and little lunch money that we needed.

Our family was not rich by a long shot. But the way we were raised we believed that we were among the millionaires of the world. When we went to places, we always had clean, starched and ironed clothes. Mama and daddy made sure we represented the family well with proper dress and attire.

Daddy Was A Strict Disciplinarian

Today I see some of the youngest children disrespecting their parents and not listening. They sometimes verbally abuse one or both parents. As I observe some of the young disrespectful strategies, all I could think of was "Ohhhhh, if you were in our family. I don't think you would be doing what you are doing now." I just shook my head and smiled, because our daddy is a special man- he was brave, kind, considerate and demanded respect from everyone with whom he came in contact. He really believed in the biblical ways of teaching and raising children.

Respecting Our Elders

At a very young age, we learned the importance of the elderly in every family. I learned that the elderly are valued in almost every culture. We must value their wisdom and knowledge that time had given to them. We were taught that our elders had been down some roads where we had yet to walk. Then we learned something very special about the elders. The righteous elders had been granted special powers to pray. We were taught that when there were troubles,especially sickness among family members, that we were to call on the elders (of the church). When they prayed, they prayed with power and that the believer would communicate their needs to the powers to be for change. So you wanted to express appreciation, honor, love and respect to those who could play a key role in our lives and our well-being.

Disobedient Children's Days Shall Be Shortened

As I shared earlier, there were some words and messages that our father used that we didn't quite understand until we got older. If any of us nine children disobeyed the rules or showed any sign of disrespect, our father would say, "a disobedient child's days are shortened." Now what kind of crazy talk was that? My siblings and I would look at each other with puzzling looks on their faces. What is daddy talking about now. As we grew older, he was able to point out some behaviors of young people in our community to help us understand what he was really trying to tell us:

1) Bobbi- was only ten years old when he stole his uncle's car. We never knew a ten year-old who could drive. He stole the keys, drove down the street, and was paralyzed from the waist down.
2) Tamika- fifteen years old keep sneaking out of the house, meeting up with some other unruly girls and boys. Her father had to file a missing child report when she did not come home for three days. Luckily the police found her in a deserted house, frightened, raped and lost.

Well after he gave us these two horrific examples, we quickly got the message that "obedience is better than sacrifice," another term he used.

Thank You Daddy and All Fathers Who Love Their Children

While we know the task of raising children is not an easy one, we really do appreciate all of the time and special sacrifices you make on a daily basis for us. We may not always express our gratitude in an outward manner, we really do appreciate everything that you have done from the bottom of our hearts! So here is our special tribute to you:

F- forever providing for our needs
A- always by our side no matter what
T- time does not measure your patience with us
H- honor to you for the honorable experiences
E- enlightening the lives of so many with encouragement
R- reverence and respect were a natural part of your life!

Thank you father and all of the fathers for helping us to grow, develop, love and care. For you truly believe the African Proverb, "Children are the reward of life."


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