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This article introduces a new Bible reader to the Old Testament book of Genesis and what it offers the reader and what questions it answers.

Genesis: The Book of Beginnings

Every year, of every century, and every generation has has someone wonder (and take a stab at) how man has got here and how humanity came into being. Science offers explanations and data, societies of the past created myths and stories to explain how man got here. However, for Christians many of these answers and answers that man has not even thought of yet are available in the Old Testament book of Genesis.

The Book of Genesis starts with the words, “in the beginning...” then it goes on to tell you the reader that God Created the Heavens and the Earth by simply speaking the words, then it ventures to explain many other beginnings that happen throughout the book of Genesis. The Book of Genesis shows you not only the beginning of the Earth but it also shows the beginning of every creature on the Earth, in the air and in the sea, as well as the animal that is called “man.” It then chronicles the beginning of man's life, the first marriage, the first and original sin, the beginning of the sentence of death, the very first murder, and the beginning of a people known as the Israelite. All of these things and more are show by simply reading the book of Genesis.

As you read the book of Genesis, you will find that this incredible book does indeed provide you with the answers that you seek concerning where me come from, and who we are, and why we are having so many problems.

On the practical side of Genesis, this book was written by Moses, one of the most talented writers of his time and a classic in this time. He wrote with the Divine Guidance of God, that led his hand to give us a detailed account of the story of creation, to give us valuable information about the first family and their many downfalls, it shows you how disobedience and lack of faith can destroy your life as it did to Adam and Eve. The book of Genesis shows you how one act such as this caused all of humanity to become the heirs to death, however it also tells you how with the coming of the Messiah, Jesus Christ that sin, death and Satan will be defeated.

The book of Genesis also introduces you to five of the most important men in history. You meet Noah, who is instructed to build an ark, and through his great faith was saved from the destruction of the entire human race. You also meet Abraham, who in his old age would father a nation and through his faith that nation would be blessed. You will also get the opportunity to meet Isaac, Jacob and Joseph, each of whom have a special story and contribution to the great picture that God has planned for his children.

One of the most interesting books in the Bible is Genesis, because it has something for everyone, there is love, creation, romance, destruction, murder and mystery and it also is a story of triumph for a whole nation of people. If you are planning to start reading your bible, the beginning is certainly the best place to start and you learn so much about yourself and why you are here.


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