A Single Father Raising His Daughter

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When you have a father raising his daughter, some things she learns might not be what mom would have taught her. These are a single father's suggestions.

A. Target Practice With Bow And Arrows

My daughter (Pretty, which is short for PrettyEvil) was always a tomboy. She preferred doing rough and tumble play to tea party any day of the week!

When she was twelve, she ask for and received a bow and arrow set. I had to have the arrows specially made because she was able to handle the higher weight bow pulls, but the arrows had to be cut down to fit her shorter arm length. (This matters because when she pulled the bow string back, her arms were only long enough to pull normal length arrows about half way down the shaft, even though her bow was at maximum extension. This causes problems, ruining the aim on the arrow. In other words, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't hit the target, but it was the fault of the equipment, not the child!)

The Re-Curve Bow shown is similar to the bow I bought for Pretty to use while target practicing. (If you are interested, you can purchase this same style bow from FS DISCOUNT ARCHERY.) (This company is located online. Please see link below.)

We originally set up hay bales with targets in them to act as her backstop to keep the arrows from getting lost if she missed the target. (And the next door neighbors safe, as a plus!)

B. Hand Made Targets

She practiced so much that the targets had to be continually replaced, until I found instructions online to build a "self-healing" target for her to use. ("Self-healing" is a misnomer. The targets really can't heal themselves, so had to be replaced eventually. But it was much cheaper than trying to keep her in the styrofoam targets sold commercially!) The site with the best instructions I could locate was called: How To Build A Foam Target By Nicole Byerly. (If interested, please see the link below.)

Then her mother ask her to bring the bow and arrows and show them to her on her next visitation. We never got them back and her mother wouldn't let her practice with them at her house.

C. Throwing Knives

So my daughter decided she wanted to learn how to throw knives.

Okay, quit looking at me like that! Yes, she was only twelve, but she was a responsible child, so I bought her a set of throwing knives.

Luckily, the targets I made for the bow and arrows worked almost as well for the knives!

C1. Pretty's Second Set Of Throwing Knives

Since she was enjoying throwing the first set so much, I bought her a second set for her birthday.

The two sets of throwing knives shown are what I bought for her. You can buy the same knives from Bud K, online. (If interested, please see the link below.)

D. Stars, Cards, Miscellaneous

She was really becoming quite good at throwing her knives, so she decided she wanted to try other throwing weapons. I bought her throwing stars and cards. (Also available from Bud K.)

I like knives and my child seemed to enjoy knives, so I slowly bought others for her... not all of them designed for throwing, either.

I bought sharpening stones for her. She practiced with them, became very skilled at putting an edge on a knife. So much so that all my friends brought their knives to her to sharpen! (I STILL hand her my knives when they get dull!)

Pretty actually has a very large collection of knives (throwing and non), tomahawks, swords, Fantasy blades, a scorpion blade that covers almost her entire arm, as well as twenty or thirty different styles and sized pocket knives.

Some of the consequences of her collecting and learning to handle knives was that she was very confident in herself and her skills. This carried over into her school work and her social life.

She has NEVER been shy! Unlike her father! That is NOT a joke... until I was twenty years old, I was VERY shy! (THEN, I bloomed!) She was/is outspoken in defense of self and friends.

E. One Bad Trait

Unfortunately, she also has another trait she DID get from her father. If she believes she is right, you should really listen to her... odds are you are mistaken and she can prove it/will prove it if you refuse to listen! (I say unfortunately because while I can restrain from correcting a teacher or someone else with authority over me, she never learned that skill! I have no idea how many times I was called to the school because she was in trouble for arguing with a teacher! (The TEACHERS soon learned to dread when she argued with them... 99% of the time, it showed the teacher's ignorance, not Pretty's!)

One really funny consequence of her learning how to handle knives became apparent when she was getting ready to leave for her first "date" at 16 years old. But THAT is a whole new story!

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Congratulations n a star page.

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Thank you, sir!
I'm really enjoying this site, so far!
May I ask how long you have been here? Or does that show somewhere and I have missed seeing it?

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12th Jun 2014 (#)

wow you made those for her? Kudos

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Yes, PeachPurple, I made the self-healing targets for her... She would have bankrupted me if I tried to keep her in the commercial ones!
Thank you!

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