A Sad State Of Education

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Last week a meeting was arranged for both parents and officials at my daughter's school to discuss the changes and progress made within the school. Only two parents showed and I was one of them. This week the head of OFSTED, Sir Michael Wilshaw suggested that parents who fail to support their children's education should be fined. I don't agree with him but it's easy to see why education officials do feel that parents are behaving badly.

Know Your Child's School

When only two parents show their faces at an official school meeting you know something is definitely WRONG. Firstly it shows there's a lack of support for the school and secondly, to the outer eye, in a society which blames parents for not supporting their children in education, it shows parents don't give a damn what is happening at their child's school. Of course working parents, parents with young children or those with ill-health have to be excused but this meeting took place half an hour before the end of the school day so parents with no excuses that just couldn't be arsed are not only letting down the school, they're not supporting their kids.

Bradforce Primary (which I'll call the school for this article) is a multi-ethnic school which has undergone some major changes in the past year after receiving a poor ofsted report. Bradforce has some great teachers and the potential to be an outstanding school now it's supported by a sister school in the city and become part of an Academy. However, there are also some teaching staff that bring down the efforts of their co-workers. Some people call it alternative teaching, I call it power bullying. Parents complaints are rarely investigated thoroughly by senior staff or ignored so parents grumble in the playground or to their families with nothing resolved and the poor child having to just bare with situations they cannot control.

Back Your Child's School Or Have Your Child's Back

If parents don't voice their concerns or support their child's education how the hell can they expect teachers to care? Is it any wonder teacher's feel they can talk to kids as though they're rabid animals, ignore racist taunts or fail to thoroughly support kids who are struggling academically? I'm not just talking about Bradforce here, I'm talking about dozens of Primary state schools in the UK where a majority of the pupils are from poorer classed, non English speaking or academically weak families. Teachers are fighting to meet targets as well as dealing with challenging behaviour from pupils, its easy to see why many are stressed. If your child is lucky enough to have a teacher that gives a damn and pushes your child up the academic ladder, then as a parent, at least have the decency to show your support and thank them for their efforts. If your child is facing obstacles with their learning, displaying bad behaviour in school, constantly coming home upset because of teacher relations or being subjected to racial abuse then get of your backside and find out what is going on within the school and how the staff plan to resolve it. If teachers are not working with you towards your child's best interests, meetings with the school governors are where you need to be or how else will they know?

Had I not been so wound up with Bradforce for teachers attitudes towards both myself and my child, I would have actually felt sorry for them last Thursday. Now it's almost clear to see why they act the way they do as much as I can see why no parents attended the meeting. However, the teachers still get paid, the parents life carries on as per and it's the poor kids who suffer. I don't want my child to suffer because she is a single parent child. I want her to thrive and make the most of the education that she deserves and is entitled to. I want my child to believe in and value her education and know that I'm backing her all the way through it. Doesn't every child deserve that?

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