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Children not only say the darnedest things, but they teach you something Every Single Day As The Grow! They will surprise you with their kindness & their keen sense!

***It is Amazing how Children have no Judgement or Prejudice, Totally Open to the World***

My son Evan was three and a half, he is very smart and notices everything. He has no problem asking questions, if he does not understand something!!

This morning him and I, headed down to our local weekend market to pick up a few odds and ends! I spend a lot of time there and we are quite close to the other vendors there! Evan propped himself up on a couch in one of the used book booths with his book, and I went around the corner for some fresh produce!! After picking through the broccoli, I glanced over my shoulder at my boy. He was sitting there chatting to some grown man. I dropped the broccoli to go scoop him up, when I noticed the man sitting with him was hearing impaired. I stopped!! I was curious how Evan was going to react to this man, because he could not speak or hear!!

It only took a minute before the two of them were laughing up a storm. Even though neither one of them could fully understand the other, they seemed to have met some where in between. There were times where Evan would look right in the mans eyes, put his hand on his belly, tilt his head back, and laugh!! It really was amazing watching the two of them. They chatted for about ten minutes, before the man had to leave. As he walked away, I touched him on the arm and said thanks for chatting with my little man. He replied with, "oh no, he's a very smart boy, he's very funny too! I really enjoyed talking with him."

Every single day, my boy says or does something that makes me take a step back and say "WOW"! He picks up on so many little things that should be flying right over a three year olds head!! Don't ever under estimate the thought process of a child,lol. They are ALWAYS watching, observing, mirroring! They miss NOTHING!! Always keep your gaurd up, always while adults are talking, even if your kids are in another room. They will use things in conversations, you didn't even know they knew!! And most likely embarrass you to tears!


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author avatar Retired
5th Jun 2015 (#)

He is a very sweet little boy. So cute. =)

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
6th Jun 2015 (#)

They come into this world so innocent and so it is our duty to protect, encourage them and enjoy the moments. Children are a delight - sadly modern lifestyle take us away from them - siva

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author avatar gowritells
22nd Jun 2015 (#)

It reminds me of a song which means there is no need to know the basics of music to sing and in the same way I feel language is never a boundary for children to communicate or interact with others.The link of the song is provided here, watch it and you will enjoy it more if you understand it.

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