A New Age

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We, as the people of the world, are in a new age in history and we need to adapt ourselves and evolve both spiritually and morally. We are reaching a new age of global connection. This is especially coming true in our modern age.

What is really meant by the term "new age"?

I for one would like to further explain what I mean when I talk about the term New Age. First of all, I am not talking about the vast amounts of data out there that detail something about a new spirituality centered on the beliefs of certain groups from at least the 1960's and onward until today.

The thing I am talking about is how one can notice the new found interconnection that we have in the world today. Everything from planes and space flight to the internet and modern technology has changed the way in which we interact with the world and those around us.

We need to learn and understand that this is not the 19th century and we need to adopt new ways of peacemaking and relationship building in the world today. War can no longer be on the agenda for any serious minded person who thinks there won't be worldwide consequences both large and small.

Everything has an interconnection like the fingers on your hand or the way your eyes coordinate to give you one distinct image of the world around you. This principle is also true when dealing with nations and with large groups of people as a whole.

A Global Economy

Now more than ever, we can talk seriously of the truly global economy. We constantly trade and interact with other nations on a daily basis. This is even true about normal people living everyday lives.

One can now get online and order a product that is made in another country halfway around the world. We can then buy this product which will be shipped and may just arrive in only a matter of days or weeks. This is just one example of how far our interconnection goes and can go.

Some of us may realize this fact more than others, but truly, how many items said "made in such and such country" 100 years ago in America? I think hardly none. Since that time, due to various circumstances good and bad, we have been forced into connection with a diverse set of people and organizations world wide.

Getting Along and Prospering

Now that we are heavily engaged in a global economy, it is hard to see the end in sight at how far we will be engaged with other nations even just 5 to 10 years from now. Watching the news, it seems that some things do indeed happen just overnight.

At this time in our history, it is important to rely on our religious faith and upbringing. Listen to your holy book and see what it tells you. For all us Christians, the Holy Bible gives us a perfect example on how to live in such a world and how to treat others peaceably and with dignity and respect while serving the Lord.

Let us look towards our prophets and up towards God for instruction and inspiration. Surely if we could just convince ourselves and others to follow the Word, we would have much less strife and much more peace in the world.

The more peace that we can achieve, the more productive everyone can be. Instead of focusing on war and arguing, we should be focusing on educating our youth and upholding the moral standards that we as humans hold dear.


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author avatar vpaulose
17th Jul 2014 (#)

A very great post. Thank you dear brother Jacob for such a good post. Hoe for more friendly contacts.

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author avatar JM Lake
17th Jul 2014 (#)

Thank you so much for reading. I look forward to reading your posts too.

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author avatar Bill Harbin Jr
23rd Jul 2014 (#)

Really great thoughts that are so true.

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author avatar JM Lake
23rd Jul 2014 (#)

Thank you very much, Bill!

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