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When y mother passed away in 1995, I didn't cry. Yet, my spirits were dangerously low and I needed to move on somehow.


The year 2000 marks a beginning and and end in my lifestyle. My mother had passed away five years back. I had achieved to overcome the worst part of my berevement, but my spirits were not as high as they were. I needed to do something.

I've always liked travelling to know other places, people and their own lifestyles and customs. A stay in another country was what I needed. Therefore, I started to search for a job somewhere else where I could have a fresh and new start, but above all that let me have past and tragic experiences far behind.

After several searches and job application forms, I achieved to get one in West Cork. I barely knew Ireland, except for few holidays I had had in the Green Isle, but I thought that it was going to be interesting to work and to live there for some time.

During the first months, I was delighted at having found that isolated pocket in Inchydoney Island. I didn't mind having a job that was well under my qualifications and skills so long as I could have a good experience in my life that allowed me to forget past and bitter experiences.

I didn't mind the perennial rain or the changeable weather nor living in a rural environment when I had always being a urban person.

As times rolled on, I could see a change on my moods and looks. When I looked myself in the mirror, I saw a relaxed and more attractive face. So, the change proved good.

I never intended to stay there this long, because I know welll that if one goes to another country, one shouldn't stay long unless one plans to settle in there since the very beginning. Otherwise, on returning back home, one will feel as a complete outsider with no links or friendships anymore.

However, I stayed there for ten years because of a personal problem, but I did things so as to use my time wisely.

I walked a lot and I watched stunning and unspoilt landscape that I know I'll never forget. I did take part in whatever event or activity I found, but the most important was that I developed my writing career on different ways.

Bantry town on the West Cork coastline is a beautiful spot, but when the Chamber Music festival and the literary one are on, it is a joy.

I never missed out any of these two festivals, but very especially the literary one, and it became my summery rendez-vous every year, if only for my two days off.

How grand it was being iin such stunning spot writing and sharing with other writing peeers! I was never able to spend the whole of the week to take part in any of the long week writing workshops, but this is something that I'll do some time soon.

In the year 2010, I had to return to, as I said, meet the old things. Yet, and as an Irish friend said to me, "Try to turn the old things into something new!"

So, I did. No regrets at having had to leave what for me was sort of paradise that prompts creative leanings. I don't care if on these days I'm alone, because those who once were friends don't want to be friends anymore. New ones will come up. Meanwhile, as I did in Ireland, I sit at my desk to write a new piece to submit. I still think that writing is my big aim and I wish to earn my living with it, if only modestly.

Life isn't bad or good. It's only what we want it to be by tackling on moves and changes when we need to.

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author avatar simplyoj
13th Jun 2013 (#)

Thanks for sharing your story, good to see you here Vicky.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
13th Jun 2013 (#)

Nice and meaningful share. We should find our own comfort zones for proper balance and should not be influenced by herd mentality - siva

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author avatar Retired
13th Jun 2013 (#)

This was a very educative write indeed

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author avatar Esther Thornburg
20th Jun 2013 (#)

Very good, keep writing.

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