A Fire Pit Extends Season of Outdoor Living Space

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Adding a fire pit to an outdoor living space extends the seasonal usage time to enjoy entertaining, relaxing or cooking in the backyard.

Extend the Season

Adding a fire pit to an outdoor living space extends the seasonal usage time to enjoy the backyard. Fire pits also add ambiance to an outdoor living space much like a fireplace does to any room inside the home. There are many types of fire pits to choose from, in various sizes, shapes and prices ranges but all outdoor fire pits share some similarities.

Fire Pits Are Hot

Fire pits are hot items to have in an outdoor living space, both in terms of being the must-have hot item and a literal hot item. A fire pit should to be placed on a stable, fireproof ground surface, like brick or concrete, away from any combustible materials.

If the fire pit is wood burning, only burn dry, non-treated wood. Before burning a pressed wood product in a fire pit (like Duraflame) check the fire pit manual to see if it can withstand the higher heat that Duraflame pressed wood logs will create.

Some fire pits burn charcoal or propane gas. The main differences between a wood burning fire pit and a gas burning fire pit is having to the fire safety issues. When burning wood or charcoal in an outdoor fire pit, the fire has to watched until it is completely extinguished. With a gas burning fire pit, shut off the gas and the fire is out.

What Type Of Fire Pit Is Best?

Rectangle fire pits, round fire bowls or tall chimineas? Wood, charcoal or gas burning? A fire pit that doubles as a grill or one that doubles as an outdoor table? To decide which fire pit is the best choice, decide how the outdoor living space will be used. The size and shape of the outdoor living space should dictate the size and shape of the fire pit.

Additional Benefits Of A Fire Pit

If the fire pit is wood burning, the wood ashes can be used to help feed plants. Wood ashes are high in nutrients and neutralize soil acidity, cooled wood ashes can be placed directly on the soil of a garden or flower bed or placed into the compost pile.

Fire pits are portable and affordable with prices starting as low as $60-70. A fire pit can be moved around the outdoor living space as needed to extend the seasonal usage time, and the affordable price makes it possible to have more than one fire pit in large outdoor living spaces.

Any style or shape of fire pit will extend the time an outdoor living space can be used for relaxing, cooking and/or entertaining. A wood burning fire pit also provides the additional benefit of creating nutrient-rich soil amendments.

*Originally written and published by me on Suite101.


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author avatar Denise O
27th Jan 2012 (#)

I wish it would cold enough around here, to be worthy of getting a outdoor fire pit. Thank you for sharing.:)

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