A Few Signs That He is Your Prince Charming

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Sometimes you need small signs from your friends and the universe to help you come to the conclusion.

The Realisation that he is your Prince

They say that we realise the importance of something only when we lose it. The same is true for the people in our lives. Cases of people breaking up only to realise that they were meant for each other have become too common. The realisation that he is your Prince Charming may not always dawn upon you automatically. Sometimes you need small signs from your friends and the universe to help you come to the conclusion. And hence if you have been in a relationship for many years but are still uncertain about your future with him, the following signs may come to your aid:

1.He respects and trusts you
Respect and trust are essential for any kind of relationship to work out. If your partner respects you, your choices, your decisions, and your opinions, then I congratulate you because one of the most essential requirements for a healthy relationship has been met.

2.He operates on the same principles
For a marriage to work out, two people need to share the same values and principles. A clash of opinions can be ignored, but a clash of values and principles is hard to overcome. Marry a person who operates on the same principles as you.

3.He loves you as you are
Nobody is perfect! Even though you have small imperfections, he does nothing to change them about you because he loves and embraces you just as you are. You maybe clumsy and careless, a bad cook, or too loud, but there is not a single thing he would change about you. Girls, men like these are hard to find. Never let him go!

4.He ‘listens’ to you
And I emphasise on the word ‘listen’. He doesn’t just hear you out; he hangs on every word of yours, even though you have been rambling on for over an hour. And I know that we girls love to talk, but make sure you too listen to him very attentively. Add this tip to your already long list of dating tips you have received from your friends.

5.He gives you space
A lot of relationships and marriages end because one of the two partners needs more space than what he/she is getting. If your boyfriend gives you your own space i.e. he lets you spend quality time with your friends, understands when you can’t talk because you have work, does not call you after every hour, and even lets you make friends online – that implies that he loves you yet doesn’t center his life around you. This is a clear sign of a stable and secure relationship!

There are many other signs which you need to look out for to see if he is your Mr. Right. And if you do find all the above signs in your guy- marry him!


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