A Brief Study of The Book of Leviticus

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This article is an overview of what a person can expect to read about in the Biblical Book of Leviticus. It allows you to learn what to look for when you study this great book.

Studying Leviticus

Most people who read the Bible will remember the stories that they have heard in Genesis and Exodus, but very few people actually study the book of Leviticus. The reason for this is because Leviticus is one of the more difficult books to read. In Leviticus you learn a lot about laws, ceremonies, restrictions and specific directions for the priesthood. This book is however, not just a lot of rules but it is a guide to how God expected his people to live and many of these rules still hold true today.

One of the important parts about Leviticus is the different offerings that were required of the people of Israel such as the burnt offering, the cereal offering, the sin offering, the peace offering and the trespass offering. Each of these are important to teaching the people responsibility and how to show love for each other.

Another part of this book is the requirement of the priesthood. These men were put in charge to help the people to take care of their problems. The priests were there for more than just a spiritual guide but also to help judge God's people in their day to day activities. The book of Leviticus gives God's expectations that are put upon those who would be able to come into the Holiest of the Holy places and to teach them the things they need to know right down to what they were supposed to wear in their work.

A very important part of this book called Leviticus is the blood, how important the blood is to believers and the people of God. From the very beginning the blood has its place in Christianity from the sacrifices that people are to make to the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus made for us. By learning the Leviticus reasoning behind the blood, a person can deduce what the blood of the lamb known as Jesus meant to our ultimate salvation and lives overall.

The last thing that the book of Leviticus gives to its reader is a feeling of belonging, you know that by reading this book, that you are indeed a child of God, and that you always was. He tells you what he expects from his family, how he expects you to act, teaches you how to keep yourself safe, and points what expectations he has for his children and their everyday existence. All of these things allow you to understand that you belong to God, you are his and that through him all things are possible. While Leviticus is certainly not the most exciting of the books you will read in the Bible, it certainly gives you a lot of information that will allow you to live the life in the way God has planned for you through its study.


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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
5th Sep 2012 (#)

Nice sharing of knowledge.

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author avatar Katherine Johnson
24th Sep 2012 (#)

Thank you for reading it.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
12th Sep 2012 (#)

interesting Katherine thank you so much...there are hidden meanings in the words written in the bible...for the initiates who could understand them..

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author avatar vpaulose
18th Oct 2012 (#)

Nice.Thank you dear Katherine.

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