A Boy and His Mother

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Exploring the bond between mother and son, as all men should do while they still can.


A Boy and His Mother
The Reaper paid us a visit this past week and took his selection from a member of our extended family. His selection is impacting many, but none quite as much as a son, for that bond of mother and son is unique. When life ends in this physically temporary realm for a mother, a son suffers loss incomparable to any other. The woman who creates and then gives life is truly a remarkable entity. The woman who gives life to a son, however, by whatever cosmic decision beyond our comprehension of divine design, somehow transcends expression, at least for me. Whether the relationship was distant or close, complicated or simple, intrusive or lacking, the phantom cord that continues to tie son to mother is perhaps the strongest of all relationships, as well as one of the most confusing.

Many centuries before the birth of Christ, Sophocles planted a seed of theory as to his prophetic perception of the bond. However, it was not until 19th century neurologist and psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud introduced his Oedipus Complex theory to the world that the controversy, confusion, and disgust was fueled as to the mother/son relationship. Any man who has the strength to be honest with himself can reflect on childhood and adolescence and to some degree corroborate Freud’s beliefs. I digress here only to point out the complexity with which many men relate to their mothers and I intend to take it no further. You are free to land wherever your own research and reflection take you.

For many families, the mother is the rock. Dad may be the bread winner and superficially appear to be in charge, but when push comes to shove, Mom reigns supreme. This sweeping generalization will undoubtedly be met with discord and disagreement, but that’s OK; I have lived enough and seen enough to stand by my opinions and observations. We may not speak to Mom for long periods; we may have wedges driven between us; as pre-pubescent punks we may even ‘wish we were never born.’ But we were, and are therefore eternally connected. We return for comfort. We return for support. We return to the one person who, regardless of our disappointments and transgressions – even against her – will take us in and tell us we are loved.

All too often The Reaper arrives and we have yet to speak our apologies, make amends, seek forgiveness, or simply return a fraction of the unconditional love bestowed on us. This is life – and death. At present, I have no idea how to behave around my mother. Conversation is shallow and affection is practically non-existent, but we both can feel that ethereal tie that binds growing ever stronger as we age. That tie will never break, even as The Reaper one day steals her from our midst. That tie will never break for any man, at any time, for any reason. Your mother was, is, and will always be your source of life – a life that is yours to do with as you please - what a gift. Live it well and cherish the tie. Tell your mother you love her – even if you question it – because you do; you have to. It’s how we are wired as men. Whether she resides in this realm or another, you cannot escape or deny the tie, so embrace it and take strength from it.


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So sorry for this unforgivable delay. Congratulations on your pregnancy - I hope all is still well by this point. Thanks for reading

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