A Beautiful Home In Heaven For All Of Eternity

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Heaven is yours for the asking, simply by accepting God's gift of Salvation.

Heaven Is Your For Eternity

Can you even imagine living in Heaven. A place more beautiful than anything you have seen here on earth? Heaven is so much more than we can comprehend in our finite mind. I find this alone to be one of the most amazing things about eternity.
But more importantly, is the fact the God cloned himself and came down here to earth. Meaning God Himself knows exactly what we are going through in this life. As it's stated in the Bible that He experienced temptation just as we have. Hebrews 4:15: “For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who in every respect has been tempted as we are, yet without sin.”
Now that's amazing in and of itself. But even more impressive, is the fact that He died and then rose Himself from the dead, so that we can be forgiven for all of our sins. Matthew 28:6 “He is not here, for He has risen, as he said. Come, see the place where He lay.” And Jesus was gone, just like He said He would be.
Not one of us deserve to be in Heaven even for a fraction of a second. Yet Through God's grace, and His love for us, Heaven can be ours for eternity. And that my friends is the biggest amount of love shown in the entire history of mankind. You can argue with that, but you would be wrong. If there is anything more amazing than this, God will tell us when he get there.
But what does Heaven look like, and why do we want to go there? Heck, I don't know. Let's just go home and I'll start my next article on “quitting when it just gets interesting.” Or something like that.
But since we're here, we might as well delve into it. What does Heaven look like? You can find it in the book of Revelation chapter 21. I'm going to let you read the specifics, but I'll generalize it for you. It's big, it's beautiful and we don't deserve to go there. But it is huge. Did I mention that is was huge. It's1,500 miles cubed. It's as wide as it is long and high. Verse 16 is where you will find that measurement. It's made of transparent gold and walls of Jasper. Each gate is one Pearl. The sight of that Oyster would make me need a change of britches, no joking about it. It also appears that there may be no shadows, as the glory of God is its light. We would all have a Peter Pan experience looking for our shadow. Walls made of precious jewels, and fruit trees that bear fruit each month. But get this: No more tears, no more pain, no mourning, no sadness, no sore joints. And it's a real place prepared for those who simply as God to forgive their sins and live a sincere Christian life.
I'm going to tell you like it is. If you walk into heaven and don't lose your composure with glee, you're probably not in Heaven. I'm going to be hugging everyone in arms reach. Slapping people on the back so hard their dentures fly forty yards. I'll be slapping high fives, low five with a few high tens and twenties mixed in. I'll be screaming and shouting and maybe crying out loud, just because I made it to Heaven. Because God chose to send His son to take my place in Hell. Oh ya, Jesus went to hell. I couldn't have done that, but Jesus took my place and walked out victorious over death, hell and Hades!!
If that can't get you excited about what God has done for you, or even get you the slightest bit curious, I'm not sure what to say to you. It's up to you to get yourself there by accepting God's gift of mercy and salvation by for it.
A simple prayer like this one will do it: “Lord, please forgive me of all of my sins and wrongdoings. Please help me live according to Your will and direction. Help me each day to keep my eyes on You and things above, and not get stuck in all the stuff down here. Thank you Father. Amen.”
A simple, yet heartfelt prayer is all it takes to set you on the path towards Heaven. You can do this, millions have proven it already. And millions continue to prove it daily. Plug into everything Christian that you can. Of course, finding a Bible teaching church is as important as anything when you're a new Christian. You can do this! Because every time to do something silly and sin, God is faithful and just to forgive you. You'll find that 1 John 1:9.
Make it a daily habit of reading the bible and spending time in prayer at the beginning of each day. Starting your day off with Jesus sets you on a path to succeed in your daily Christian walk. You may know the story of Jesus walking through the dessert being tempted my satan for 40 days. He quoted Scriptures each time He was tempted. You can do the same thing if you start your day reading the Bible, as you'll remember those scriptures. I know this first hand and it works well. The devil has almost seems to have an upper hand if you miss a day not started with Jesus. Those days don't go as well. I know this first hand as well. Soset yourself up for success. You can do it I promise. Have faith in God to get you through those days that just plain stink up the joint. Make friends with Christians, pray all day as you go about your day, and you'll do well.
Now, let's go to Heaven together. :)


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
21st Feb 2014 (#)

Honestly, if I were to die today, I would ask for just one thing, keep my family and child safe as they showed me heaven here on Earth within my own life and heart that I live. I don't care about my afterlife, I know my place out there and that is a decision to be made by the one Above. As I ain't religious or Holy but love my moments of Oneness with the One Above.

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