9 Ways to write an online dating profile to attract men/guys

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Most people find it difficult to create an online dating profile. Actually, online dating profile is the first opportunity to attract your potential partner and one of the first steps towards success for singles. The aim of this article is to help single woman/girl to write an online dating profile to attract men/guys and generate responses & meetings/dates with the right type of guys. This article is friendly and simple, giving the reader a few great ways to making their online dating profile.

Fascinating Articel dating

Most people find it difficult to create an online dating profile. Actually, online dating profile is the first opportunity to attract your potential partner and one of the first steps towards success for singles. A good and fascinating online dating profile enables you to generate responses and dates with the right type of guys. So, keep in mind that your online dating profile must be written clearly, good and informative for guys who are interested in getting to know you further. The best manner to write a profile is to imagine yourself communicating someone new for the first time in your life. Avoid long essay and convoluted because no one likes to read long essays with information overload. Online dating profile is a personal ad but at the same time it shouldn’t be boring. Sprinkle with a bit sense of humor which is fun and intriguing potential partners. By following these nine ways, your online dating profile will become a magnet for guys / men.

Be honest

On the issue of dating, it is true that we must always be honest with yourself. Honesty should be placed in first priority. Do not lie about your interests because you will attract the wrong partner. As in other online dating sites, you should always be honest when you answer all questions from beginning to end even when you've found your match. When you talk about the person you are looking for you should be honest about your requirements and make sure that you don’t intend to limit yourself from unnecessary things. Overall, you don't lie about any information that people use to assess your dating profile information.

Be yourself
You cannot be yourself by adapting one's behavior, for example, what is right for someone else may be wrong for you. If you pretend to act, people will laugh at you. "But how can I be myself when I do not know who I am?" Realize that you are a different and unique individual and no one else in this world like you. This fact makes the way you do things pretty special. Of course, you cannot always behave as you want when you are afraid to reveal your opinion, even if it means that contrary to popular opinion or majority. You have to be yourself in your profile. Do not try to be extroverted but actually you are an introvert in real life.

The profile information
When you decide to make commitment on online dating sites, allow yourself enough time to sit down and fill out the profile information completely. Fortunately most of online dating sites have already provided questionnaires which include the columns so that prospective member's obligation is complete the columns correctly. In general, profile information which is needed is gender, birth date, country, city, province, ethnic /race, appearance, height, weight, eye color, hair color, education, occupation, religion, marital status, smoking, drinking, hobbies , your work, family, friends and other basic questions. Don’t ever attempt to ignore profile information as the basis to form the foundation of your online dating profile.

Uploading photos/images is an obligation for you to let guys enjoy something beautiful. In fact, you should put some pictures. Ideally you should be with a big smile. Most of us use the photos as a tool to find our partners. Girls or women with pictures will be frequently seen by the guys. Don't be shy when it comes time to let other members know who you are. After all, doesn't a picture speak a thousand words? Profiles without pictures are considered poor or under-confidence while the photos with clear, bright, friendly, smiling faces are intriguing. Pictures include more beautiful stories than words. Women and girls should be very clear in your appearance. Your main photo should be the best. You have to upload the picture of face in a normal setting. You must provide a photo with better quality to attract the attention of other members. Put or upload images recently. Ensure that your profile photo is fair and representative what you look like. Your photo shouldn’t mislead your age or height. You haven't to look like a super-model but someone who is charming and warm would make a person comfortable with and may or even fall in love with you. Use the photo up close, clear, larger and recent.

Your username is the name which you will be known by members on your dating sites. It will reflect information on what you want. So, use username instead of your real name which attracts your potential partners to contact you. Try and pick a name which is funny and modest and reflects your personality, don’t use a name which is sexually provocative or offensive. Your username can also be used to reflect something hidden about you.

Your headline is the first opportunity to attract the attention of members. Don’t ignore headline. You can make your headline funny, unusual, unique and your headline should be short, simple and reflects a real your personality whether you are shy, witty, or adventurous. Your headline give an “elevator pitch” to prospective meetings and attract the potential partner want to know more about you and continue to read your dating profile. Consider how you would describe your best qualities in one sentence. What do you need to achieve with your headline? What do you intend to deliver? What interests do you want to create? Generate the headline which is eye-catching, witty, curious and informative.

Be Positive
Let you be positive in your profile. Don’t complain about your life, your work, your last guy, your financial problem. If you are positive, your positive sense will attract guys like a magnet. Don’t make rude statements or opinions moreover you seem that you are protective. Your potential partners are likely to think that you would be “too hard” to be approached.

Writing dating profile is the most important thing to attract someone for a date or relationship. Firstly you should know exactly what it is you are looking for on an online dating site. Obviously you are looking to date someone new. Describe who you are, your personality and how you spend your time. You are allowed to write about your interests or hobbies, your work, your family or your friends, your travels, where you grew up, etc. Let you tell something about who you want to meet such as gender, country, religion, age, education, marital status and based on your other criteria. Description is the body of knowledge. Your description should be free of grammatical and spelling errors. It is better if you review your online dating profile prior to republish on your dating websites. Invest your time to modify and update your online dating profiles regularly.

Safe Ways in Dating
Meeting on the net is similar to meeting offline. You should remain completely anonymous until you feel ready. You are also under the control when it comes to take an online relationship offline. You have advantage online because you can get to know each other before you meet. If you are aware of deciding to meet face to face, choose a public place and use your own transportation to and from. Don’t forget to tell a friend where you’re going and check in when you return home. Don’t include your personal contact information in your profile such as email, telephone number, home address or your last name, and only give them to whom you can trust. If someone asks you to visit their personal website or demands you for money, use common sense not to oblige. If someone gives a phone number with a strange area code, check it previously and make sure that it’s not a charge number before you make the call. Use your own judgment because ultimately you are responsible for your personal dating experience. Don’t forget that meeting new people and conversing with them can and should be fun and exciting.

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