8 Ways to Make Kids Smarter

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Has a bright child is a dream of every parent. To that end, a variety of information about how to make a child smarter much sought after by parents.

Ways to Make Kids Smarter

Although a study from the University of Queensland, Australia, in 2013 said that 20 to 40 percent of a child's intelligence is genetic, it is not meant to make parents are not looking for ways to make children smarter.

Of course, this is because the more dominant factor shaping the child's intelligence is not a genetic factor, but other factors such as how to raise and educate their parents.

One way parents to make children smarter is to listen to their music, even in the womb. Among the music that can be played is classical music like Mozart or other slow-tempo music.

Here are 8 ways to make children smarter, as quoted by Time, Thursday (08/01/2015).

1. Give the music lesson

How to make more intelligent children first is to give music lessons. So, besides just making music for children, giving them music lessons also can make children smarter.

A study showed that when compared with those who did not study music, children who learn music has a more rapid increase in IQ. In fact, learning music is also beneficial for older people.

2. Let the children play

There is a myth that says that they are more than happy to play more stupid for spending time in vain. In fact, children's play can make the condition better, and good conditions can accelerate the children learn a new language as much as 20 percent.

3. Do not read the book, read the one with them

Do not let the kids just looked at the pictures in the book when you are done reading the book for him. Invite children to come read together, it is one of the best ways to make children smarter. Therefore, reading books together is an effective way to introduce children early literacy abilities.

4. Make sure the child sleeping enough

Apparently, one hour less sleep than normal time can make a child's brain abilities reduced by 2 years of age. So, familiarize your child to sleep enough.

5. Make a habit of discipline, not just the pursuit of high IQ

According to experts, self-discipline is the key that is more important to achieve a successful life compared with a high IQ. Dozens of studies have verified that the will is the most important key to the success of the individual.

That means that, as a parent you need to build self-discipline in children. It can start by getting them on time in all respects.

6. Repeating what you hear and read

The human brain will be absorbing something when the information coming into the brain is repeated. For that, for example, you provide information on children, try to ask them to repeat what has just the information you provided.

This applies also for adults. Provide 30 percent of the time for reading and 70 percent more to test yourself on what you have read. This method will be more effective.

7. Create a child is always happy

Children who are happy to be faster than those not smart. Many studies have verified this.

How to make children happy? First of all, make yourself happy. You may not transmit happiness if you yourself are not happy.

8. smart Peers

One of the things that are significant in shaping the nature and intelligence of children are playing their environment. If during the peer influence is often seen the downside, but it turns peers were able to stimulate the intellect Children.

The same is true for adolescents. Students for example, to increase the GPA, one way is to have a smart boarding friends. With intelligent people often hang out together then transfer insight consciously or not, is in progress.
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