8 Tips for a first date with a single woman

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Before the first date, remember that the other person is probably just as nervous and struggling with the same insecurities.

8 Tips for a first date with a single woman

Before the first date, remember that the other person is probably just as nervous and struggling with the same insecurities. The dating tips will not guarantee a great first date, but you get a little guidance for you easier.
Be punctual

If you and the woman agree to meet at 8, go at 8. Being on time shows that you care and you're legit. Arrive early and know in advance how to get to the meeting so that traffic is not a problem. If there is no way to avoid being late, stay in touch with her using a mobile device or otherwise and give it a genuine apology.

Share your interests

Share your passions, as a class you're taking, you're enjoying a book or a cause you're passionate about. Avoid go on tangents or exalt the explayarte about a cause or issue.

Keep a quiet chat

Avoid bringing up controversial issues. These can come later. Although you may be curious about their political affiliation or their thoughts on abortion, this is often a bit heavy for a first date. Keep the conversation fun while learning about the woman with whom you have an appointment.

Avoid discussing about a future together

Although you may want this to work and become a relationship, discuss on a first date is a way to scare her. That may seem too strong. Planning for your kids names or what kind of house you want to buy can frighten the woman you're talking about.

Do not talk about your ex

Chances are you've had previous relationships that did not work, but it is better not to talk about it. Although not required to play dumb and act like you never had previous relationships, talk about your ex makes it sound as though they had passed or that you still care about or have any influence on you. This can make your appointment women do not want to see you again.


At the first appointment, it is likely that you and the person you want to meet some decisions: Where to eat, where to have a drink, what activities to do, at what time will meet and more. Do not let her choose all. She might see you as a pushover who simply does what others tell him to do. Also, do not choose all the options yourself. This will make you look like a controller. It is open to compromise. Offer suggestions, but be flexible and responsive to the needs of your partner.

Drink with moderation

If the event includes alcohol, control your drinking. Have a drink or two. Heavy drinking can make a sultry day. The appointment will not be very happy if she has to take care of you and keep you in line because of your behavior.

Avoid hobbies

Leave your hobbies outside of the conversation. Not have to lie and say that you like everything, but avoid sharing a long list of hobbies or complain much. Keep the conversation lively. A first date can go downhill fast if you spend much time discussing your problems.


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