6 Tips To Eating Great During Pregnant

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Foods to be aware of during pregnancy. What some bacteria and such can do to the unborn fetus.


In a woman's life one of the most incredible and special times is during her pregnancy. It's a time when she is preparing for the delivery of her unborn child. A time to take special care to sleep, exercise and eat for the health of herself and the baby.

Having a weekly exercise program and healthy sleeping practice is very important during your pregnancy. Here are some tips to help you make healthy food choices as well:


Sushi with sea bass, king mackerel, yellowtail, sword fish and shark in it should be avoided due to the high levels of mercury that can be found in them. Albacore tuna is one that should be limited to 6 ounces a week. High amounts of mercury is designated as having 0.3 parts in a million. Mercury can cause permanent damage to the nervous systems and brains of children.

Shell fish

Shell fish such as mussels, clams and oysters should not be eaten raw due to red tides. This is a microscopic organism that is toxic. Harvest in areas that have tested negative recently. Those areas that are open and from dealers or restaurants that have a good reputation should be patronized.

Raw foods

Raw food such as homemade custards, mayonnasie and ice cream are not good choices due to the possible exposure to salmonella. Only pasteurized eggs and milk should be consumed. Lighter type ice creams made with gelatin instead of eggs is a better choice. Use lemon, lime or vinegar in custards and mayonnaise.

Soft cheeses and luncheon meats

Soft cheeses and luncheon meats should be avoided. Blood poisoning and other infections due to a bacteria called listeria have been associated with these foods. Avoid any made with raw milk. This can cause premature births and low birth rates.


Vegetables are great food to be eaten while pregnant. Be sure to wash them thoroughly because of a possible contamination of the soil where they are grown. Possible contamination of Toxoplasmosis which is a parasitic disease can cause infection in the pregnant woman. It can also cause still birth and neurological damage in your baby.


Caffeine is also something to be aware of when pregnant. There are studies that show that the intake of more than 2-3 cups of coffee per day can be related to miscarriages as well as withdrawal symptoms. Drink more water, juice, milk and avoid over doing the caffeine intake.

In Conclusion

During pregnancy is the time to be sure you are eating the best foods with the most nutritional value available. Eating foods that are cooked thoroughly is best. Take the time to be sure you are taking all the right precautions.


Eating Great During Pregnancy

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