5 easy and funny ways to amuse your young kids at home (suitable for 3 to 5 years old)

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You don’t want your little kids to spend too much time in front of the TV or computer during the evening or the weekends? What can you do to amuse your children easily while you have to stay at home? Don’t worry! We are here to offer you some simple but practical solutions to help you create a lot of homemade fun for your young kids:

5 easy and funny ways to amuse your young kids at home (suitable for 3 to 5 years old)

#1 Write and guess in the darkness.

Lie down with your child inside a dark room. Give your kid a small flashlight and use it to write a letter or draw a simple form or image on the ceiling of the room. Then try to guess what your child has drawn or written.
Afterwards, switch the roles! Now it’s your turn to draw and write. Let your child guess what you wrote!

#2 Reserve a creative working area for your kid.

Reserve your child a corner in the house where he can draw, he can write or he can even dream in his own way. Leave this space to him and show him that you respect his ideas and independence. Besides, don’t forget to encourage your child to decorate and arrange this corner in the way he likes. For example, he can put clip some interesting photos on the wall or put his favourite handiwork or personalized design on his desk.

#3 Help your kid design and make a personalized photo clip holder.

Let your child choose an interesting picture that he or she likes in the magazine and cut it out. Then use the glue to stick this picture onto the surface of a bottom. The bottom can be made by a small plastic box or a stone than can stand well on a table.
As to avoid the picture from turning yellow too soon, your kid can mix the glue with a little water and brush this mixture onto the surface of the picture.
Wait 10 minutes and let the surface of the bottom turn dry. Then use some scotch tape to stick a big clip onto the stone.

#4 Let your kid own a homemade piggy bank.

Cut a slit in the top of a cylindrical cardboard box that might contain some chips before. Teach your child to decorate the outside of the box with some colourful wrapping paper and his or her favourite stickers.
When the personalized piggy bank is done, explain to your kid what money is and why we should save it. And allow him or her to earn some coins for putting into his piggy bank, while he helps you do some cleaning or gardening at home.

#5 Let your kid to design a beautiful necklace with paperclips.

Give a box of colourful paperclips to your kid. Suggest him to connect the paperclips together as to form a necklace. Show your kid that by matching different colors or shapes together, he or she can design a very different necklace each time!

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