5 Ways Guys Show They Love You

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Men do not say I love you in words as often as a woman wants to hear it. 5 TIPS TO Knowing that he loves you without him uttering a word.

Hey Ladies, Want to Know if He Loves You? Here are 5 Ways Guys Show They Love You

Every now and then, a guy comes along that makes our heart skip a beat. We think about him, cannot wait to be with him, and we have this permanent smile on our face. However, we may be uneasy; as we are not certain if he feels the same way we do. Of course, we are not about to ask him either. We may be embarrassed to ask, or we may be afraid that he does not feel the same way we do. However, would it not be nice to know if he is in love with you? It is time to know the 5 ways that guys show they love you.

He Calls you Every Day (In this day and age, it may be texting)

Guys that are in love with you want to know how you are doing. They are interested in your life. They ask you about your day. They show interest in the conversation. They are the ones that initiate conversation. I have been with my boyfriend now for 3 years; there has not been one day in the whole three years that we do not talk to each other. He always finds time to call me or he is at work, he texts me.

He Surprises You with Nice Gestures

When a guy is in love, he will show it, by taking the time to do nice things for you. He may cook his favorite recipe for you. He may give up time with the guys to be with you. He may surprise you with something you have been wanting. It can be something small or even big. A couple of years ago, my washing machine broke, one day; my boyfriend called me out of the blues and asked if I was home. A few short minutes later, he showed up with a brand new washing machine. At the time, we had been dating less than six months. At that moment, I knew how much he loved me. He knew I needed one, but could not afford it.

He Cares for You When You Are Sick

There is no better way to show you he loves you than by being there for you when you are not feeling well. He may come over and make sure you are well taken care of. He will get your medicine, cook you some soup, or even walk the dog. A couple of years ago, I had surgery. I needed three weeks to convalesce. Even though, I have my house and he has his, he insisted I stay with him so that he could personally take care of me. He even took some time of work to ensure I was well taken care of.

He Helps You with Home Projects

If he finds out you need a curtain hung, or a cabinet fixed, or the door is jammed, he shows up with his tools and starts repairing them. You did not have to ask him. He knew they needed repaired and cared so much for you that he felt the need to help you. When I moved to my apartment, I needed a curtain hung, but I did not have the tools. I heard a knock on the door, and there he stood with a drill in one hand and a toolbox on the other one. My hero had come over to hang my curtains.

He Lets You Pick What to Watch on TV

This one is a good one. While you are flipping through the channels, there is a great old romantic movie that you went awe, but on the other channel is his favorite sport or history channel show. He looks at you, sees your desire to watch the old movie, and says it is ok to watch it together. We all know that for a guy to give up his TV, especially, when something he likes is on, is one the most endearing love gestures he can perform.

There are many other ways a guy can show that he loves you without telling you. If you need reassurance, look at the ways he acts around you and figure out if he is out for himself or really into you. The ways I have shared are a sure way to show you he loves you. If he is doing any of the above, you know he loves you and with time, the words will be said aloud.


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