5 Tips Before You Say "IDo"

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June is right around the corner so here are a few tips to think about before saying I do.

Tip #1 A Year To Appear

When getting to know someone most of us put on our "best face" showing only our best qualities. Not unlike a used car salesman pointing out the custom paint job and new tires when selling you a car. It's not until after you've purchased the car you learn the brakes are shot and the transmission leaks. Not many people can hide their true selves for an entire year though. So do yourself a favor and really get to know someone before saying "I do" to a lemon!

Tip #2 Out With In-Laws

Want to end your marriage before it begins, just move in with your in-laws. Makes no difference whether it's his or her parents it's a BAD idea! Why?
Every decision, argument, disagreement, problem, mistake, misunderstanding will be impossible to take action or to resolve without interference. Usually ending in you against them. Instead of learning to work together as a couple you end up fighting for the right just to be who you are as an individual. Think about it, when have your parents (God bless them) ever been able to stay out of your business no matter how old you are?

Tip #3 The 3-C Guarantee

Courtesy} Please and Thank You may seem like a little thing but it's not. My husband and I say it all the time and it really does make a difference. I'm sure that when you're first getting to know someone you say it. Why stop-EVER
Communication} If you don't have good communication before you're married put off the wedding until it improves might be best. Never allow a confidence to become public which includes telling family unless you have permission. Break a confidence and trust takes a hit.You NEVER want trust to take a hit!
Embarrassment is a powerful feeling. I'm sure we've all have experienced it and I'm sure the memory of it is all to clear even if it was a long time ago. Never embarrass or be involved in embarrassing you're partner.
If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all was something my grandmother use to tell us kids. Don't be insulting or unkind with you're words. If you love someone you want them to feel good and believe in themselves and to know you believe in them too, don't you?
Compromise} Couples are going to disagree but instead of fighting come to a compromise. Say you can't decide on which restaurant to go to. Choose three and let you're partner choose from there. Or you can even go rock-paper-scissors. My husband and I use that one a lot to decide on who goes to the kitchen for snacks! Everyone comes out a winner so if you can be courteous, communicate positively, and compromise with each other then you're relationship will thrive!

Tip #4 Say Goodbye To Yesterday

Past arguments and mistakes have no place in the present. DO NOT bring them up ! That's the kind of thing that only poisons a relationship. Do your parents still punish you for getting an F in the fourth grade?

Tip #5 Afraid of Love?

If someone makes you feel afraid and/or physically hurts you then they DO NOT love you, they love controlling you! You are their puppet not their partner.

Love Wisely Friends


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
20th May 2015 (#)

Good tips, we are individuals and better that we have our own opinions but live based on give and take - siva

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
20th May 2015 (#)

Well I can tell you this is the superficial way of buying a spouse.
I choose my men based on character, upbringing, morals, decency and the love, not just for me but to life and children around as I want a family life not a sexual partner.
Another thing, been married and that is learning from past mistakes for the future. All this is called sucking up or cunningness to get into the neighbourhood pants.

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author avatar K.Bond
24th May 2015 (#)

Mabey you should re-read the article. It's not about what kind of person to choose since that is diferent to each individual.
Yes you should learn from past mistakes but do you condone paying for them over and over your entire life?
Again I ask, did you read the article?

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
20th May 2015 (#)

I choose my partners by checking how well they cope without copulation as that is the test of fidelity, how they deal with kids around, how they take care of their family, how well they take care of me and learn their weaknesses too.

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author avatar K.Bond
24th May 2015 (#)

If you're going to comment please base it on the articles content. No where do I mention what type of person to marry or what attributes makes a better mate.

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author avatar K.Bond
24th May 2015 (#)

Having a mistake rubbed in your face everyday is not healthy for any relationahip. Wouldn't you think....I could be wrong.

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11th Jun 2015 (#)

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