5 Things That No One Tells You About Getting Older

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People talk a lot about the midlife crisis, but there are a whole bunch of little things that just kind of happen as you grow older at different stages of life.

5 Things That No One Tells You About Getting Older

People talk a lot about the midlife crisis, but there are a whole bunch of little things that just kind of happen as you grow older at different stages of life. It’s not like a big change that you go through over the course of a couple of weeks, emerging a changed man or woman – it’s actually a slow and steady accumulation of personality, lifestyle and physical changes that you hardly even notice. Young people make fun of some of the “old people” traits, and the more mature among us will smile knowingly when certain issues come up, but no one really prepares you for some of the serious changes you go through as you approach your twilight years.

You Will Be Visiting the Doctor Fairly Often

When you’re young, your body can take a serious beating, both metaphorically and literally, and recover fairly quickly. Unless you suffer from a serious illness due to genetic or lifestyle factors, chances are that you only had a few run-ins with doctors here and there when you were younger. However, as you get older, you’ll experience some common problems as your body slowly shifts into a slower gear.
Close friends of mine suffered through problems like varicose veins – which not only look bad, but can put your health at serious risk – osteoporosis and high blood pressure, which was a big wake up call. Regular checkups like doing bloodwork, prostate exams and looking for weird lumps are something you’ll just have to live with.

You Have to Be a Lot More Careful with Your Diet

In order to avoid too many doctor’s appointments and tons of different drugs burning a hole in your wallet, it’s best to focus on preventive measures and keep your body as healthy as possible. The body needs a whole lot of nutrients to work properly, and gorging on junk food just won’t cut it once you're well past your mid-thirties. I quickly discovered that I needed to eat healthy food about 90% of the time and seriously limit my snacks and dirty pleasures if I wanted to feel good and stay focused. Also, junk food tends to add slabs of fat to your thighs, stomach and arms real fast as you don’t move around as much as you used to.

You Find Yourself Saying "Kids These Days" a Lot

The world is constantly changing and new generations keep destroying old value systems in order to build their own on top of them. It’s the way things are, and have been for centuries, but it’s still a shock to find out that you have become one of those close-minded old people who moan about the “good old days”, the very people you stood up against when you were younger. The weirdest thing is that it’s an involuntary reaction – you just end up saying it when you hear something in the news or encounter some rude kid out in the street.

You Become Uncool Through No Fault of Your Own

Don’t get me wrong, some traditional values, art and skills are truly evergreen, and even things that fall out of fashion get brought back to life as part of the retro style. However, some things get buried in the sands of time, and rightfully so, but you just can’t let go of them. The new trends seem stupid or confusing, you often say and do things that kids consider incredibly uncool, and you sometimes don’t even know what the big deal is.

You Start Really Enjoying Simple Small Pleasures

When your younger all you really care about is boys or girls, drinking, partying, and pursuing a few hobbies if there’s enough time. You work hard to fit in, and you feel that spending energy on anything other than something incredibly fun and adventurous seems like a waste of time. Well, the more mature you get, the more you start to appreciate quiet Sunday mornings with your partner and reading a good book after a long day at work. Things get a bit slower, but you find enjoyment in a variety of small moments, and that is truly priceless.
It may seem like a frightening notion at first, but maturing and growing old is an adventure with a number of perks mixed in with the downsides. So, enjoy those later years, just be aware of the fact that you will have to take better care of yourself and come to terms with certain things.


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