5 Things Satan did not Know about God

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Satan was with God, but did not know whom he was serving. The lack of these knowledge crippled his stances of remaining the Son of the Morning

5 Things Satan did not know about God

It is not so naive the knowledge of a child about his parent, as it is a sure fact that most
of the children would seldom ask questions on facts surrounding their belonging. Some might feel it an insult asking the father especially, about his life. So was the case of Satan when he was known as the Son of the Morning. There is no argument to outdated facts surrounding this documented truth, as five (5) facts that are evidence with regards to Satan’s ignorance about God; are hereinafter adduced as follows:-

God’s Personality:- Insult, if Satan had dared to ask God who He was. He did not even imagine doing such an act, as he was busy swearing in the day and night. Who would ever make the bold mistake of asking such a dared question? It is likely so applicable with human that; many or some of the children might so dread the person of the father, and would dare to ask him; “Who are you dad?”

It is not true that the father would not have eluded the cloud that veiled his personality from his child otherwise; Satan had failed in error or fear than ascertaining the person of a one he was serving. That might be true or right of him as the knowledge of who God is, was a veiled monument of truth from the Angels. No Angel knows the name of God unless; he read it from the Scriptures. And where do the Angels see the revealed truth about God? Where is the time to even do the research? And on whose permission to even seek the knowledge; being that they are not free-moral agents like man?

God is a Spirit: and they that worship Him, must worship Him in spirit and in truth. (John 4:24). How then would Satan have dared to breach this law? He worshiped Him in spirit, but not in truth otherwise; he would not have plotted the coup that brought him down.

His Likes and Dislikes: There is no record of God hosting a conference, or an induction to acquaint the Angels on what He likes and dislikes. They are only left at conscience level, with the knowledge of good and evil. Satan should have remained a worshiper than a coup plotter to dethrone his Master. God likes worship and obedience, than the fat of rams. (1 Samuel 15:22). You would say this text was quoted to Saul at his disobedience, yet it was Satan that made him disobeyed God hence; it was Satan that the text was referred at.

Who would not know that coming down to earth to fornicate with the daughters of men is sin? Some of the Angels that latterly joined Satan, but were designated as Demons, did the evil of coming down to the earth, and made love to the daughters of men, which result gave spring to the evil incarnated sons of Anakims.(Deuteronomy 9:2). These were the sons of the fornicating Angels, now known as Demons. It was one of the dislikes of God that Satan refused to acknowledge.

God’s Decision or Judgment: Little or not did Satan know that God is not solely Love, but also Jealous. He is indeed the God of love, or Love where one goes by His commandment; but jealous when he goes contrary to His standard of discipline. Satan did not know, neither would he have believed that God would cast him down at his slightest fall (sin). Otherwise; he would not have done the plot to dethrone Him – God. (Isaiah 14:12). Poor Satan who was not schooled, but was caught with the evidence of illiteracy; plotting to overthrow His Master – God.

He was judged and thrown down from heaven to the abyss. Ignorance is also seen in Satan’s attitude, as he failed to acknowledge the fact that God is all-knowing (Omniscience) otherwise; he would not have gathered the other Angels to rebellion against his Superior – God. He took counsel in his heart to raise his star (prowess) above God, and to assemble in the eternal council which he was not entitled to. Sin pride was found in the one beloved of the Great Heart – God.

God of Indignation: Which king would ever discover the evil in the midst of his servants, and would praise the malefactor for the perpetration? Satan did not acknowledge the fact that God had His secrets which in turn is the secret of His kingdom. He thought since God had entrusted him with powers, that He had given him the seat of His dear Son, Jesus Christ. Satan was a son of God yet; he was not armed with the facts surrounding creation. His quest to know what he was not supposed to know; resulted to the sin of making himself God.

The secret of putting breath into man, was known by God, and only handed over to His only begotten Son Jesus Christ (Genesis 2:7). It was not for Satan to have gone the while of seeking into the office of another. It is not on record that Jesus Christ had ever tampered with the office of swearing in the day and night, which Satan as the son of the morning was entrusted with hence; he Satan should have been contented with his office. He was indicted with the sin of discontentment, which he suffered God’s Indignation throwing him down from heaven.

God of Wrath: The hatred would have meant so much, for a father to take away his son’s right or prowess, and at the same time cast him into the burning fiery furnace. “Wicked father!” the world would exclaim undermining the conduct that brought forth the judgment. That is precisely how Satan is seeing God to mean. “He is wicked, deposing me from my prowess, and casting me down the shoal.” Satan would conclude, without referring to the incident that gave birth to his fall.

As if that was not just enough a punishment to give to a defaulter, Satan was also sentenced to the burning fiery furnace. That is precisely where he is enthroned with his angels. The burning fiery furnace declares the wrath of God.

May someone lecture Satan on these facts about God? But it is just too late for him to be lectured, neither would he even believe to repent; nor is there any provision for his pardon even after repentance. Sorry, one may say to Satan the devil. It is too late the echo from above to declare.


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author avatar Stella Mitchell
7th Aug 2013 (#)

Very interesting and true .
God bless you

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author avatar ReadSense
7th Aug 2013 (#)

Facts remain facts hence; the repoort is done (alright).

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