5 Fun Dr. Seuss Activities for Toddlers

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This article covers 5 fun Dr. Seuss related activities for toddlers based off of some of his most popular books.

Creating Learning Activities Centered Around Dr. Seuss' World

What child doesn't love the enchanting rhyming books of Dr. Seuss? Many of use grew up on Dr. Seuss stories and movies, and we're continuing that tradition by passing it down to our own children and grandchildren.

Dr. Seuss' books have captured reader's hearts for generations, but did you know that you can do more with Dr. Seuss than just read the books? His books are set up so wonderfully for developing fun learning activities for babies and toddlers. All it takes is a little creativity and access to a few fun Dr. Seuss books.

5 Dr. Seuss Learning Activities

1.) The Butter Battle Book: A really fun idea to do with The Butter Battle Book is to have your toddler make homemade butter! You don't need an old fashioned butter churn to do this. Instead, you can use a canning jar and heavy whipping cream. Add the cream to the jar, screw the lid on tight, and have your toddler shake the jar until the cream begins to turn into butter.

You can take this chance to talk to your child about what butter can be used for, how people used to make butter, and so much more. It can be an activity that goes far beyond just making butter, but that part is pretty fun for toddlers, too.

2.)The Foot Book:There are quite a few fun activities that can be done centered around this book, all of which involve your toddler learning more about their feet. Have your toddler practice walking, skipping, jumping, and running and explain to them the ways their feet work in order to make each one of those happen.

Another idea centered around feet would be to study tracks. If it's a snowy day, take your toddler outdoors and walk in the snow. Have them observe your tracks and their tracks. Then go further out and look for animal tracks that have been left behind in the snow and try to identify them. The ones you don't know, go home and try to look them up online. This activity can be done on non-snowy days, but will need to be conducted in areas that will leave tracks; such as sand, mud, etc..

3.) Horton Hears a Who In this lovable tale, Horton the elephant hears a Who from Whoville, but no one else around him can hear the little person. There are several activities that your toddler can do centered around this book, but one idea would be to study about elephants. The child can construct an elephant from toilet paper rolls (there are multiple design ideas found across the internet and Pinterest). You and your toddler can also talk about elephants and how it was even possible for Horton to hear the Who when no one else could. This could lead to a conversation about ears and how they work, as well as the importance of listening to what others have to say.

4.) Green Eggs And Ham: Most of the activity suggestions I have found for Green Eggs and Ham suggests using food dye to color eggs and ham to serve as a fun treat for your kids. The idea is really cute, but if you're like me and don't like feeding your children artificial food dyes, it can be a challenge. One way that I have found to work around this is to use culinary herbs instead.

Start off with cooking scrambled eggs with ham chunks in it. Cook them all the way through, then add green culinary herbs. Some herbs that can be added to this include: cilantro, parsley, basil, and sage. The eggs and ham wont be colored green, but the dish itself will be colored green slightly from the herbs.

The way to make this cooking activity kid-friendly is to have your child help you cook. Even children as young as a year old can help with some things in the kitchen, such as shredding fresh herbs. You can have your child smell the herbs that you are cooking with and you can explain to them each of the herbs, as well as why you add them to the food. You can also have your toddler help beat the eggs, stir the foods in the skillet, chop up herbs (if they're big enough), and so forth. Then you both can sit down and enjoy your delicious meal of green eggs and ham!

5.) The Lorax: The Lorax is currently one of the most popular Dr. Seuss books around thanks to the recent release of The Lorax film. There are so many ideas floating around the internet involving learning activities centered around The Lorax, so there is a never-ending supply of inspiration for this book.

One particular idea that can be very amusing to young children is to create a clay planting pot that looks like the lorax. All you will need is a clay planting pot, crafting eye balls, yellow yarn, and a pink pom pom (to be used as a nose). Once the lorax has been constructed, have your toddler add fresh dirt into the pot and help them plant something inside their lorax pot.

During this project, you can talk with your toddler about gardening and the importance of plants and how they filter our air.

Don't Forget to Have Fun!

The most important step in all of these activities is to have fun. Don't try to force your toddler into doing the crafts if they don't want to. If your toddler has a different initiative he or she wants to take with the craft, follow along with it. If you try to control it too much, or force them to do a craft when they don't want to, you could very easily burn them out from Dr. Seuss or from participating in fun craft projects.

If you just allow the fun to take over, you will be surprised at how much your toddler will actually learn on their own without much direction. Children love to learn, but they especially love learning when it's wrapped up in a fun learning project done with someone they care about.


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