5 Features of a Boarding School That Convey its Encouraging Environment

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A good school vouchers for the proper upbringing of your child. In order to do so, a lot of parents consider boarding schools. There are numerous reasons as to why parents rely on boarding schools and 5 of these are mentioned in the article.


School plays a significant role in shaping the future of not only a child but also of the nation. When choosing a school for your child, every parent feels that it is important to scrutinize its characteristics and features. Mentioned below are 5 features of the boarding school that vouch for the faith of parents on it.

Appropriate Student Teacher Ratio

At the boarding schools, the teachers are the sole mentors of the children. They have the power to influence the student’s attitude and the personality in the positive direction.

So, to be approachable by students and to act as an ideal mentor, the teacher should not be overloaded with responsibilities. This is where an appropriate student teacher ratio plays an important part. A teacher should not be given a huge class size. And this is what most boarding schools adhere to. With a manageable class size, the teacher can maintain decorum as well as impart concept based education only with a proper class size.

Defined Curriculum and schedule of exam

The best boarding schools have a predefined curriculum and schedule of exams. Such a curriculum has been put down after deep thought and understanding and this is the reason why boarding schools are known to produce some of the most successful people in the society.

Newer and better methods are not introduced for hit and trial method. This is because such things might end up confusing the students as well as the teacher. The number of exams are also balanced to ensure that the students have enough time to study. Too many tests and exams would compel both the students and the teachers to complete the syllabus in a haphazard manner. In such a scenario, the goal shifts from understanding to mugging up the concepts. Also read about 5 distinct features those are exclusive to boarding schools

Adequate Attention to Extra Curricular Activities

Boarding schools are not just about delivering high-quality education. but also about the extracurricular activities. We have always learnt that ‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy’ and a similar approach is followed in the boarding schools. Tournaments and random matches of different types of sports form an integral part of the curriculum of boarding schools.

Relentless Effort to Impart Concept Based Education

It has always been said that only clear conceptual understanding and clarity of the subject matter will help a student in the long run. The same is believed at the best boarding school. With the most educated faculty members, relentless efforts are made to deliver concept based education.

A great Place for Networking

At boarding schools, the students learn to live in harmony with fellow mates. Also, one learns to tolerate the presence of those whom they do not like. So, boarding school is the best place to make your child learn the art of networking. Being able to network properly plays a very important role in defining your success in the professional world.


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