5 Dangerous Spots You Should Watch Out For

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Crime rate is on the rise, and negligence and carelessness are the factors that give easy way for the attacker to target on their prey. Some of the places are supposed to be the safest, but strangely, they could be highly dangerous hot spots you should watch out for.

Crime Can Happen Anywhere and Anytime

As far as crime is concerned, it can happen anywhere and anytime. Negligence and carelessness are two main elements that encourage and make it easier for the criminal. Learning a self-defense technique is therefore become important.

Danger Hot Spot #1: Your Campus or Office

Most of us tend to think that a campus or an office is a safer spot. But, the answer is no, because many crimes seem to be taking place at the campus or workplace.

For a safety measure, if you have to work or study until late at night, you should have a companion to accompany you. Be alert while walking home and make sure you pay special attention to your surroundings. Always work, study or walk in open-lit areas to avoid any suspicious attack from the crook. If you observe someone approaching you, make direct eye contact because attackers will not want their faces to be recognized. The most important thing to take note is that you should not send a wrong message with your body message, or else, you might appear to be an easy target.

In a case that you are being strangled or hugged by someone from the front, remember to use your palms to strike their ears. Next, deliver your arms into their embrace and force your arms outwards using your outer fists, and simultaneously, cross your punch at their nose, collar bone, or throat and knee them in their groin. Quickly run away and scream for help while the criminal is in pain.

Danger Hot Spot #2: Convenience Stores or Petrol/Gas Stations

The attackers are very smart in general, and they know that you must stop your vehicle for an extended time at the convenience store or petrol station. This place will certainly invite them to snatch your bag from your vehicle’s seat, if you should give them the opportunity. You should only go to these places during the day time to avoid criminals targeting you. Make sure that you keep all your valuable items, such as digital camera, necklace, gold ring, laptops and cash money out of their sight or hide these things from open view.

While you are in these dangerous hot spots, always keep yourself alert of your surroundings. Be sure no suspicious person is walking up you! Always ensure that your vehicle’s doors are locked as a wise measure to prevent a quick grab of your valuables by the criminals. Always be in a well-lit place but do not go to a potential dangerous place like shrubs, corners, pillars where attackers may hide in ambush since these places cast more shadows to shade them from being seen.

In case you are being attacked, don’t concern yourself with valuables! Just give a bad guy your money and let it go. Don’t try to fight with them as your life is more important! If the attacker still does not want to go away, press your personal security alarm or the horn button on your key pad to scare them away while calling for help!

Danger Hot Spot #3: Your Home

Your home may not be as safe as you may think. It is actually the number one dangerous spot. People prone to open their gate wide while approaching home or are at home. Definitely, this situation will make an easy access for the criminal to easily target their prey.

For a safety purpose, you should ensure your home and the surrounding of your house is well-lit and well-fenced, even though your house gate is firmly closed or in a guarded area. Installing CCTV, security cameras or home security system may be a better solution to solve the problem.

If you discover suspicious persons wondering around or an unfamiliar vehicle parking near to your house or surrounding, you should sound a honk to alert your neighbors or just drive to a safer spot. Do not try to get out of the car as you may become their targeted victim!

In case, you are being attacked, cast your handbag in the opposite direction, run the other way and shout for help. Always hold your personal security alarm and car key in the fist while you are walking to your car or getting off from your car. If you see someone walk up to you and try to grab you by your shoulders, be sure to roll your body outwards away from his embrace and punch him with your hands with car keys holding tight in your hands. Once you succeed to get out of their hold, run away for your life and call for help!

Danger Hot Spot #4: ATMs

It might not be hard to imagine that ATMs is the most dangerous hot spot as criminals know that you hold cash here. Even though, CCTVs may be placed above the ATM machine it may not be effective to detect the motive of a bad guy. They might be just watching and waiting, whether in a dark street, behind the pillars, near to a parked car or just somewhere around the ATMs where you’re withdrawing your cash. They may be in disguise.

This is certainly a place where you should remain alert! All safety measures should be taken. When you are entering or leaving the ATM machine, make sure that you don’t become distracted by talking over the phone but you should move fast and watch for your surroundings.

If you are going to the ATM facilities, don’t draw criminal’s attention by wearing valuable items such as diamond rings, necklaces and expensive jewelry.

For your own safety, you should go to the ATM during the day, particularly in the morning since most banks have security officers on duty during this period. Avoid going to the ATM at night as some banks do not have guards working at night.

If you have a knife pointed at your back and are being forced to give up your money, you shouldn’t resist. At this moment, you need to stay calm, control your breathing, assess the situation and try to think of ways to escape. But, if you are being attacked from the front, block your face with the back of your arms as there are less essential blood vessels in the back of your arms as compared to the front of your arms. By doing so, you may lessen the odds of suffering from severe bleeding.

Danger Hot Spot #5: Parking Lots.

There have been increasing rate of crimes happening in parking lots lately. The easy accessibility and the ability to find hiding spaces between parked cars, makes parking lots one of the favorite attacking target for the crooks.

You should always prepare a folded umbrella, a whistle, a personal security alarm or anything you can use as a weapon to scare the attacker away. Always hold your car key in a clenched fist and press the hand alarm if you realize that you’re being followed or you sense a trouble. Remember to leave your high heel shoes in the office but wear flat shoes when you are going or returning from the workplace.

For a better measure, always walk quickly while approaching your car. When you are in the car, lock the car immediately and drive away from the parking lots as fast as possible. Don’t remain too long in the parking lots as this will give way for the attacker to rape you or make a fast grab of your valuables. Remember, attackers prefer to target those who look disoriented, lost, depressed and tired!

If you’re being attacked or fenced by the armed robbers, just hand over what they demand and try to find a chance to escape from their grab. After all, your life is worth more than your personal belongings!


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author avatar Judy Sheldon
27th May 2010 (#)

Chan, you are absolutely right about this. There are steps we can take to help prevent from being a victim of crime. Thanks for the tips!

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author avatar Jenny Heart
27th May 2010 (#)

Very valuable information Chan. Great article!

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author avatar PR Mace
29th May 2010 (#)

Nice to see you here. Excellent
article with valuable information. I work a lot of evening shifts and I am always watchful when I come home.

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author avatar Erik Van Tongerloo
1st Jun 2010 (#)

Good advice

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author avatar Deep blue
5th Jun 2010 (#)

Great spots to watch out for, my friend. Life is getting less secure these days.

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author avatar Sourav
11th Jun 2010 (#)

Great points and a well written article!

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author avatar simplyoj
6th Jul 2010 (#)

Thanks for these reminders. Good to see you here in Wikinut.

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author avatar Retired
27th Jul 2010 (#)

Very well!

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