4 IMPORTANT things to AVOID before Bed

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These are things we do that can affect our night and which can cause some other serious body ailment.

4 things to AVOID before BED time


Sleeping is one of the natures MUST-DO exercise which is equally practice by all human being or even all creation except the "DUCK", but the so called sleep has its own dos and don't, as applied to any thing in the universe. The truth is evident, as all living things find a way to sleep after performing its day-to-day hectic activities, but the rate of sleeping is more or slightly differ from each other among ALL living things. So what are the factors from "factor(s)" that must be consider or obey before going to bed to sleep and rest as well.
Avoid taking watery menu;if you will agree with me, taking watery meal will cause incessant visit to the toilet and of which your sleeping time is abruptly truncated. So it is of good advise to avoid taking semi-water or watery meal before going to sleep, or better still, if you wish taking it you can take like 2-hours before the sleeping time comes around, for instance if you are the type that used to sleeping early-late as I do, in time like 22.00 you can it by 19.00 so before the clock comes to 22.00 you would have urinate two to three times which means most of the liquid would have been urinated off.

Stay away from horror films; one of the magic about this life is that: whatever we see, that is also recorded by our sub-concious mind, is probably repeated in our dream-as night mare, scientist has also proven that we remember 50% of the things we see,so watching horror film before bed time will give us 75% certainty of having a bad night, that is rooted from the watch of threaten films, as a result of this it is of most benefit to never watch horror related movies before bed time.

UNDRESS YOUR SELF; this means before any attempt to go to bed its is imperative for you to know that you need to loose ALL the gadget you are putting on,apart from been sleeping-unfriendly it can also give you some forms of injury or even injuries. The body attachment may include wristwatch,necklaces,hand band,pendant,ring,rosary,ring of the nose, etc. By un-tie these body features/attachments you ll be able to have a free body movement which is free from any BEDroom overnight adventures. No one ll have a joyful evening with armour put all over his/her body.

FREE your MIND; here comes the challenge of offending and forgiving, the truth is that: in life we will always offend people and people will always offend us. What am trying to figure out is that whatever what might be the situation or occurrence that involve you and other person that annoy you ,the best thing to do(for the sake of your personal well being) is to forgive them and let go of any kind of grudges , hatred ,negative feelings , worry , anxiety , etc.
To have a splendid night it is of merit for you to let go of all these mentioned mind-conditions and numerous others like such, of which can seriously bitter your night. It is of advantage to do away with these things to have a smooth resting period which we love to have,which help after a rigorous day activities.


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