15 Signs That He’s a Bad Catch

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If you’re already thinking, “How can I tell if my boyfriend’s a bad catch?” then you’re on the right page. That’s why I came up with this lovely list! The top four are obvious, but we all need to be reminded of them.

Something smells fishy in the relationship when your guy starts exhibiting these signs.

1. He hurts you physically. Duh!? Obviously, there’s only one answer to this problem-get out of the relationship! And don’t make excuses for him.

2. He hurts you verbally. Respect is very important in a relationship, so if your guy hurts you even with his words (calling you names or putting you down), he doesn’t deserve you!

3.He’s on drugs. Any drug, whether the “big bad stuff” or small stuff, is not acceptable! Experimenting with harmful substances like drugs can lead to a dangerous lifestyle. You don’t want to find your self in the middle of all that. You want to be with someone who’s responsible with his health and his life. That way, you know that you’ll be safe with him.

4. He frightens or intimidates you in any way. If you don’t feel safe with him, that’s not good sign. Even if he’s never actually hit you but you get the feeling that he could, end the relationship.

Those four are the source of major stink! They are sure signs that you need to get out of the relationship pronto! But believe me, those signs are by far not the only things to watch out for. The rest of the list is just as important. Remember, if your guy fits the bill on any of these signs, do some serious thinking bout your relationship. read more...


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