10 ways to tame your teenager

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"Building confidence is about giving your child the inner strength and skill to feel good about themselves and cope more independently of you-which is the carrot for them really because teenagers want to feel "grown up". At a later stage, you can become friends, as well as parents, as confident children grow into confident people you can get along well with.

10 ways to tame your teenager

1 know and nurture the key ingredients of super confidence
Inner confidence comes from self-love and nurturing, self-knowledge, clear goals, and positive thinking. Outer confidence comes from effective communication, appearing confident, assertiveness, and emotional control.

2 listen three times as much as you talk.
Really listening is a good way of showing a teenager respect and feeding their self-esteem. It also helps you get up-to-date knowledge on your ever-changing teenager while helping them choices and consequences while staying patient and positive.

3 teach by example.
Be an inspirational example. Hold on to your own self-confidence, space and quality of life. Don't put own life dreams on hold at a time when your teens as well as other thing will shatter your confidence. Spend time with people who value you and do things that you are good at to keep your confidence boosted too.

4 think before you speak. When you're stressed you can say things you wish you hadn't. This is called your "auto-language "pre-programmed responses that happen before you think about what you are saying. They may have been picked up from your own parents or from society in general, such as, “is this what you call earl?". Also, don’t round off a compliment with a dig!

5 Join your teen in battling with the bullies.
Don’t just your teen to get on with it and fight it out-they can’t usually. You have the skill level and power and the children don't. It's your job to firm up their confidence and skills and then to go marching in and put a stop to it!

6 be a safety net, not a security blanket.
A very common mistake parents make, says linden field, is being overprotective: “you’ve got to let them be adventurous and take risks. Your job is to teach them, to be there for them and help them learn from their mistakes and failures and to also teach them risk assessment and contingency plans.

7 be a predictable parent, not a best friend.
You can confuse your children and yourself by one minute being their best friend and the next minute having to lay down the law-which you do have th do. But also encourage thief independence from you. Usually, Gael says, being a best friend has more to do with meeting the parents ‘need to recapture their youth than enhancing the life of the teen. Being predictable-even "boring"-gives teenagers stability in an ever-changing world.

8 allow them privacy and some secrecy.
Don't feel you have to know everything about their life. Give them some space and privacy at home. Let them have a lock on the door and have a private mess in their own room. The more you push them, the more private they'll become.

9 coach as well as comfort them through relationship crises.
Don't just give your teens tea and sympathy when things go wrong, help them to see what they can learn from it, such as what went wrong-like communication factors or having different values? Share your wisdom. Understand, support, befriend and give confidence. Then cook them their favorite, yummy meal.

10 celebrate the milestones as well as the achievements.
"a joy that is shared is a joy mode double." Teenagers experience a lot of competitive pressure to excel. But trivia should also be applauded along the way -keeping celebrations appropriate to the achievement or effort. Don't automatically promise big rewards-let them find their own motivations. Celebrate your own small achievements too-like bringing up a confident teen!


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