10 Ways For A Woman To Love And Nurture Herself

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Self-nurture means to care for yourself and put yourself on your own list of priorities.

Self-Love And Self-Nurturing For Women

Self-nurture means to care for yourself and put yourself on your own lists of priorities. Nurturing yourself as a woman doesn’t mean that your selfish. Stress related problems are the result of woman that do not properly take quality time for themselves, to just relax and have loads of fun or just taking time to unwind just for a few minutes each day. Each morning, when your awake, spend around 5 or 10 minutes thinking about what you can do that’s nice for yourself that day, for example buying yourself something that you really like or enjoy, for example calling a friend, or buying yourself chocolate, flowers, anything you like.

” What women need is to learn how to nurture themselves. We need to shower as much loving kindness on ourselves as we habitually shower on loved ones, and even not- so – loved ones. We need to be loved for our fully formed selves, not for our dependent, appeasing selves. And the only way we can have fully formed selves is by granting ourselves the same tenderness and fierce protectiveness we’d otherwise reserve for a beloved child.” ~ Alice D.Domar, PhD “Self – Nurture”.

10 self nurturing tips for Women:

Love ~ She takes the necessary time to love herself and to be loved by others. She gives others compliments and allows herself to be comfortable accepting and receiving them, even if she was hurt in the past or disappointed, she still allows herself to embrace love.

Gratitude ~ She takes time to show appreciation for the things or the special people in her life, including friends and family. giving thanks and appreciating all the things she now has in her life. She also learns to own all of her experiences, whether they are positive or negative, she learns from her experiences and often turns her negative experiences into positive ones.

Meditation ~ Women need to plan special periods for relaxation and meditation, in order to recharge their energy and to refresh themselves and releasing all that stress that a lot of women often feel.

Quality Time ~ Each women need to spend quality time with her friends and family, taking time to share with the people that she loves and also allowing these people to nurture her.

Forgiveness ~ Women need to release or let go their grudges and learn to forgive themselves and others, she learns to forgive and let go her past and moves on with her life, this in turn will strengthen her spirit.

Vacations ~ Women need to take occasional holidays with their family or friends, in order to enjoy themselves and appreciate life. Holidays often help to release work related stress and also renewing her spirit.

Nature ~ Women need to take time to enjoy nature, in order to nurture her spirit. The spirit needs birds, water, plants, nature and trees. Connecting with nature helps to renew her spirit, for example taking the time to watch the sunset in the evenings.

Massage ~ Getting a massage can be very beneficial for women, since massages helps our bodies to relax, releasing stress and tension and also contributing to a sense of well being, helping us to feel good about ourselves.

Personal Appearance ~ Women can also nurture themselves by taking care of their physical appearance, including their personal hygiene and learning to properly groom themselves, making themselves look attractive and approachable.

Diet ~ Women need to take care of their dietary needs, by having a balance diet each day, also taking dietary supplements will support her nutritional needs.


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author avatar Delicia Powers
10th Apr 2011 (#)

All wonderful ideas, thank you!

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author avatar Betty Faulkenberry
2nd Dec 2019 (#)

I am so happy that I stumbled onto this information. Just what I needed to expand my self growth and life experiences. Great selections from MIX to choose from. surprised by how many interests I have. THANK YOU!

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author avatar Denise O
14th Apr 2011 (#)

I just had this convo with my 26 year old daughter last week. Great advice. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar AnnH
15th Apr 2011 (#)

Thanks guys for your comments.

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author avatar goldsongbird
2nd Sep 2011 (#)

If we do not look after ourselves how can we care for others .Great read.

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author avatar Betty Faulkenberry
2nd Dec 2019 (#)

Agree whole heartedly to the comment that if we women do not take care of ourselves, who will (?)

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author avatar Betty Faulkenberry
2nd Dec 2019 (#)

This article definitely gets to the heart of how women have been programmed to care for everyone else except them selves. I once was such a caretaker that it is a wonder I am still alive. I want so much to get a copy of this article to gift to myself and share with others..Although I have come a long way of caring for myself to practice the recommendations listed in this message would enhance my life expansively. THANK YOU.

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