10 Tips to Become a Newborn Photographer

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Newborn photography is an art that creates everlasting memories for both parents and baby. But as newborns are so sensitive that they need extra care and attention while capturing them. It is important to keep few tips in mind for avoiding a cherrish moment turns into sadden accidents. This article is about some very useful tips which make your baby photoshoot a happy and joyful deed.

10 Useful Tips

A well-taken photograph that captures breath-taking images is truly a work of art. Your newborn is the perfect subject for such art. Everything your baby does at this stage, they are doing for the first time in their life. Who wouldn’t want these milestones preserved forever? Special considerations must be taken when photographing newborns. Their comfort, safety and needs should be top priority. You also want to ensure you are in compliance of all laws. Whether taking the pictures yourself, or having a professional photo session, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. The Surroundings Must Be Warm

Babies have difficulty regulating their body temperature. If your baby is being photographed in little or no clothing, it is especially important to have the room warm.

2. Happy Babies Make Better Subjects

Feed the newborn right before you begin a photo session. As fully stomach babies are playful and enjoy their own while waking up or love to sleep.

3. Full Bellies Mean Sleepy Babies

This allows better posing for those perfect innocent, angel shots. Babies have the sound sleep and make you free to take any posture you love to shot.

4. Patience is Key

Capturing special moments can sometimes take hours. Newborns have to continue to be cared for with their regular feedings, diaper changes and cuddle time.

5. Props Can Be Beautiful – and Dangerous

If you are doing the photo shoot, make sure all props are free of any sharp edges that can injure your baby. Also have someone available to help you position the baby and to serve as a spotter.

6. Lighting is Everything

Professional photographers like Sara, great talented newborn photographer in Appleton, have special equipment to ensure the lighting is perfect for every shot at every angle. You can experiment with lighting at home. There is no need to spend a lot of money on this; use natural light whenever possible and position your baby so the light flows from the top of their head, down their body at a 45-degree angle. A very soft shadow under the baby’s nose will verify the position is right.

7. Tiny Details Make Keepsake Photos Worth Keeping

The delicate fuzz on ear lobes and shoulders will soon disappear. Those tiny fingers and toes will not stay clean or tiny for long. Seize the opportunity to catch these images during your photo session. The use of a macro lens will help make these shots even more successful.

8. Including Siblings in the Shot is a Challenge Well Worth Your Time

Young children lose interest very quickly and can wreck your entire photo shoot. Try taking these pictures early in the shoot so the children can be excused to play or do their own thing while the session continues.

9. Include Both Parents

There will be years of pictures taken where one of the parents is behind the camera. Both parents need to have pictures taken with the newborn.

10. Don’t Stress Out, Don’t Give Up

Babies sense your moods and your anxiety could quickly lead to an upset baby. Remember, some of the best photographs are not totally staged. Casual pictures can be just as precious.

If you are still not comfortable attempting to do a photoshoot with your newborn, find a newborn photographer, trained to produce quality work in a safe environment at a reasonable cost. To find newborn photographers in Appleton, ask other new parents for recommendations, check the yellow pages or search portfolios online. Your baby won’t be a baby forever. Capture the moment while it’s still at hand!


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