10 Things women like in men more than good looks

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A woman expects several qualities from a man or her husband or her boyfriend.

Man and Woman Relationships

A woman naturally wants something from a man except good looking, smart and good physique. The lists are not so big. A woman expects several qualities from a man or her husband or her boyfriend. The qualities are not so difficult. A man easily achieves these qualities for impressing a woman. It is not possible to have all the qualities in a man. But a man must have several essential qualities such as, honesty, understanding, caring, mentally and physically strong, secure in respect of financially and literally, confident in his nature, charming personality, must have a good sense of humor, etc.

So, the following things and qualities of a man, which attracts a woman very much -

1. Genuineness – A lady doesn't need a man to mislead her about imperative matters. She needs to be an essential role of his life. She does not tolerate any types of liar man and she also expects a man to have trust in her. She also hopes to share his memories and encounters with her from her partner.

2. Adjustable – A lady must sense to her partner that he must be adjustable and understanding in every situation in her life. There must be no perplexity, no misconception or misguided judgment between a woman and her partner.

3. Caring behavior - A woman naturally likes to her partner that he must be caring for her. He is ready to take her burden and no confusion about it. If a woman is self-dependent in financially yet she also wants to make her life easier with a caring partner.

4. Physically and mentally sound - No lady likes a weak person in physically – it's fully against her nature. Women are naturally attracted to men who have a good physique. Ladies are not only preferring sound physique from her partner, but also likes alert mind of him.

5. Sympathy – A lady doesn't just like a man to have love just for her, yet an adoration forever, for living things. She looks a kind of man who has a sympathy, admiration and even soft corners to all living things in nature. Specifically, he must be a good human being and decent man.

6. Security in every respect – A woman likes a secure person both financially and literally. That means, she does not expect a millionaire person. She just wants a person who is able to protect her from different harm. She hopes to realize that her partner will keep her protected, sound and agreeable.

7. Surprising behavior- Women like a surprise from their partners like Cadbury, love notes, rose, any gifts or tickets for a cinema or tickets on tour, etc. They are fully attracted by this type of behavior of their partner.

8. Straightforwardness - A woman always likes an honest man. There is no confusion about this. On the other hand, she also likes a confident man who is always determined in his decisions. She does not accept a man who has a double mind or a fickle mind.

9. Attractive personality - A woman always attracted to a man who has a charming personality. But to achieve this personality is not an easy task. By enhancing non-verbal communication around ladies and take on manners around them, one can show attractive personality.

10. Must have a decent comical inclination. All ladies prefer fun and she expects a man who has a good sense of comical inclination.

If men have above qualities or any few of them they must be fallen in Women and Relationships.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
27th Aug 2015 (#)

They expect sincerity, commitment, love, empathy, compassion and understanding. Of course, one who is hard working with clean habits and not those who are bone lazy with habits tough to tolerate! siva

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author avatar satish007
27th Aug 2015 (#)

Thank you siva . I appreciate the comment.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
28th Aug 2015 (#)

Thank you for sharing your article. I will say many men have wonderful qualities. I find them to be fascinating.

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