10 Signs To Show That Your Spouse Is Cheating On You

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Better to know the signs now before it is too late

The 10 Signs

1. Sudden change of behavior that continue from time to time
Sometimes it could be a change of work routine, such as staying late at the office or having long lunches. Call him often just to see if he’s there or drop in on him at the office and bring him some cookies or a present as an excuse.
2. Always picking on you and looking for things to criticize
This could mean that she’s trying to find a way to justify leaving the relationship for good. She could resort to creating a fight to find an excuse to leave the house in a bad mood and to stay away for hours.
3. Sudden change in appearance
He could be taking more interest in dressing better and being more careful with grooming in general.
4. Getting lots of phone calls lately
She suddenly seems to get a lot of phone calls on her mobile and avoids taking those calls in your presence. It could be the other guy!
5. Missing phone calls
What if he/she fails to call you at the appropriate time? It is not easy to sneak in a call when he/she is with someone else, right?
6. Going out with his male friends
Supposedly he is suddenly going out with his male friends. Ask him where he’s going, and go check it out yourself. But be sneaky!
7. Missing important dates
Does she miss important dates which she never used to forget? Sometimes it happens when the human mind is focused on someone else.
8. Loses interest in the things around the house
He would lose interest in his usual activities around the house like mowing the lawn, doing house repairs, etc.
9. A significant decrease in affection
He/She may be showing you a significant decrease in the level of affection. You can tell of a wandering heart if the affection that used to be showered on you has diminished to a simple caress or just a gentle kiss.
10. A change in your sex life
Notice any abrupt change in your sex life? Is he holding out on you physically? Or he may probably want more sex and start making strange requests or want to try out new positions and become aggressive during sex.

Tips and Warning

So, now you know when your spouse could be cheating on you. Time to open your eyes ... and keep them opened. If you notice at least two of them, start taking actions to save your marriage. Don't wait until it is too late.


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