10 Places to Meet Someone Single and How to Go About It

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Nowadays, besides online dating sites many single women (and men) are at a loss for finding a great place to meet other single and eligible people. It used to be that our friends and associates could set up 'blind' dates and arrange meetings at various parties, etc. Not so much now, so I've made a list based on recent research that just might provide some help in that area.

The Conondrum

It seems as if it gets more difficult every day to find places where single and eligible men frequent. We know that they are somewhere and that they do in fact exist and are not figments of our imagination, and bringing it closer to home; we know that some of these desirable men are living here on planet Earth! Not all of them are residing somewhere else in the universe, so the girls and I have compiled a list of places along with some flirting tips that we hope will stir up some action. But before we begin, let’s put a definition to the terms “Eligible” and “Desirable”.

Eligible: Immediately available for dating and starting a relationship and does not wear a wedding ring. Is neither in a committed relationship, currently involved in a friendship with benefits, betrothed, or married to anyone else. He is fully on his own with no encumbrances or ties to another woman. Now, I know that was a lengthy definition, but these days one must be 100% clear on these things.

Desirable: Is physically attractive, has an appealing personality, is gainfully and legally employed, own his home and his own vehicle, is able to engage in conversations about things other than sports, music and cars, is ethical and respectful.
Once again, we must be as clear as possible and not leave too much room for error, otherwise we don’t know who we’ll end up with, and a woman can never be too careful about meeting a new man. So, let’s take a look at the list:

Some Great Places

Church- If he is a regular he’s probably a committed member and can be approached about any number of things that relate to the membership. He would be a great resource if you are new to the church yourself. Just keep it clean and appropriate.

Library-This is easy! Simply ask for a recommendation on a good book, or ask a question about his techno-savvies (maybe you need help with starting an application).

Coffee Shop- Again, an easy one. Ask him for a recommendation on a particular flavor, a sweet treat or if you are bold enough; offer to buy him a refill and go from there.

Home Improvement Stores- You don’t know which size nails to buy for your project, you need an objective opinion on a paint color, you need advice on which plants to buy (in season)…you want to sign up for a workshop, the possibilities are endless! But caution; you want to solicit help as a means to an end but you DON’T want to appear as if you are an airhead so proceed with care.

Launderette- You need change, you’ve run out of dryer sheets, you ask questions about the book he’s reading (while the dryer spins) or you offer to share your newspaper.

Big Box Shoppers Warehouses- Can he recommend which brand name television is the best bargain? Can he tell you anything about screen resolution, etc.? Can he direct you to a specific location within the store?

Doctors Office- DO NOT ask him why he’s there! But casually comment on what great customer service you receive there and how nice and comfortable the reception area is. You may also comment on something you see on the television there; news or health updates.

Car Wash- Whether it’s a self-service or attended car wash, these places are great for meeting men. Just remember the definitions of who you want to meet and you can approach him because you need an extra clean wiping rag, quarters for vacuum, or could he spray your tires for you.

Lunch Counter at a Diner- Could you please pass the ketchup, salt, steak sauce? Do you come here often? (A little corny and obvious but if asked with a smile it can still work), what do you recommend from the menu?

Lawn Service Company- Offer him a cold drink or a clean soft cloth to wipe his brow. Compliment him on his great service and promptness. Ask him about things you can do to maintain your beautiful lawn in between service dates.

Bring it on Home!

Be creative with your assertiveness. It is important that you appear casual and natural, like it’s not out of the ordinary for you to strike up a conversation. Don’t wander off on a topic you are not familiar with, and please don’t use phony accents, “big” words, and exaggerated body language or get on your soapbox and begin a heated debate. This is a sure fire way to close him off and you’ll end up embarrassed and making a fool of yourself. If he responds to you and engages in the conversation, then fabulous! Give him a chance to talk and maybe he will initiate the flirting.

Show off your confidence and your charm, but don’t push or come on too strong. If he doesn’t seem to be showing interest, or all you can get out of him are a polite smile and a nod or two, then abort and move on. You want to come across as friendly and unforgettable in a good way so please don’t go into stalker mode! So get out there and get busy flirting and having fun being the smart, sexy, sensual and desirable woman that you are! We send you off with our best wishes for success, and if this works for you we want to know, so drop us a line and tell us all about your story.

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