10 Moving Tips to Make Your Move Fast and Smooth

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Moving out with your belongings can be a hectic process to even start. There is so much to pack within a short time. Moving out thus becomes confusing especially if you are moving to another apartment. In that case you spend a lot of time trying to figure out the best method to adopt. In the end you end up leaving behind some of your things. Fortunately, there are some important moving tips that will make your move fast and smooth.

Pack all your necessities overnight in one bag

They include those things that you cannot go for long without such as bathing soap, deodorant Shampoo, toothpaste and shaving cream among others. As a result you will be able to get a quick access to them the following day. This will save on the time you will spend in searching for them. You should also pack your treasured items like jewelry and laptop as they can be easily stolen.

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Make sure that you wrap all items that can break easily by use of a cloth

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This will help absorb the shock while they are being moved to your new apartment. In that case you can pack the breakable stuff like glasses, together with your clothes. This will provide them with a cushion and hence they will arrive in good condition.

Label your boxes

Labeling and organisation of boxes, aids in the identification of the packed items. In addition to the movers will be able to identify the apartment to which the boxes belong to. In that case, indicate the apartment to which you are moving to in on the box. This will prevent the loss of items in the box. It will also provide you with an easy time when unpacking.

Make sure that you clean the new apartment before moving in

You need to check up on your new apartment before actually moving in. This includes among them cleaning the kitchen and bathroom and making them presentable before your things arrive. This will reduce the amount of work when your belongings arrive to your new apartment.

Make sure to pack the plates upright in the box

Plates are prone to breaking. To minimize this, pack them in an upright position which will prevent them from breaking. You can also wrap them with a newspaper while packing them. This will protect them from knocking against each other and hence cracking in the process.

Cover the drawers with a pressing seal to keep them intact

In this case, the drawers will represent the boxes. As a result you will not have to unpack and pack the clothes from the drawers into the boxes. In addition to that while in your new apartment you won’t have to pack again. This saves on the time and energy when moving your drawers.

Wrap your furniture with a stretch wrap

This is aimed to prevent your furniture from being scratched while being moved. It thus provides protection for your furniture from scratches. It is able to wrap different groups of items together and hence keeps them intact during the process.

Make use of the baskets, suitcases and other containers to serve the purpose of the boxes

They can be used to pack books and other items. In making use of these containers it will reduce the number of boxes and hence the size of the luggage.

Make sure that you do your last shopping of groceries 2 weeks prior to moving

This will reduce the quantity of grocery you will have to throw away or give to the neighbors or friends when you want to move. This is because it might be unsafe in relation to health issues to move your groceries in your new apartment.

Make sure that you hire qualified, reputable movers, to move your items

This is the case especially if you have fragile items to move. After making sure that you have packed everything that belongs to you in the house, you can call them to do the job.

Moving from one apartment to another requires you to have proper plans in advance. This will reduce the hassle and bustle of moving houses. In that case you should have knowledge on how to pack your items safely in boxes. Number your boxes to help you detect if there is any one of them missing. This will make your moving smooth and fast.


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31st Aug 2013 (#)

Indeed moving can be a stressful time, these are good tips to make things less of a burden.

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31st Aug 2013 (#)

Thanks Mark, I know from experience how much I hate when I can't find something in my boxes, labeling an organizing in advance, saves a lot of time...

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