1 Thing That Can Make Your Love Last Forever (Part One)

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Life’s like a love song. It gets sweeter when you’re in love. All you do is hear and talk about love. You wish you'd live forever, right? You've been eating all your life, right? Have you found a thing that's sweeter than love? And when love's gone, is there a thing that leaves a stench behind which stinks like love? And when it hurts, is there a thing in life which hurts like love?


Isn't it pretty obvious then that even if you know nobody's perfect, you still believe that there's somebody out there who's so perfect for you and just like yourself, whoever it is, won't fall in love with you just to get hurt? I don't know about you. But where I stand, there's only one reason why you don't fall in love alone. And that reason is, so you may help each other! To do what, crawl out of love or to hold each other down and fall deeper and deeper in that hole? If you're a man, why'd you hurt the woman who loves you? To force her to jump into another man's bed? And if you were warned, wouldn't you do anything to avoid the pitfalls in order to make it last forever? Well,


That can make your love last forever is honesty. Can you be brutally honest with yourself? So before you provoke anyone, ask yourself if you got a heart. Before you arouse desire, ask yourself if you got what it takes. Can you perform at the highest level behind closed doors whereby to make sure that nobody's watching even all the curtains are down? Is your love sustainable? If something went wrong and your love broke down, can it get fixed? Any guarantees? What's validity of your warranty; lifetime? In life many things happen, both good and bad.If you got a big ego and you’re so full of pride, can your pride take a knock? If you’re broke, can your character afford any dings?

Remember; you may have moments in the sun but you're not a sunflower. On your darkest hour, those great moments you shared get forgotten in a blink of an eye. All friends including your own shadow will desert you. But with a true lover, you’ll seize every moment and do all that you couldn’t do in the park. You won’t complain about the darkness.

Would you, when your hearts glow? So the more dark hours you spend together, the more days raining cats and dogs that you go through together, the stronger your love gets and grows roots in your hearts. You become so attached and inseparable.


If you don’t know, you may have fun on the beach but it is the man who gets stuck in the mud who leaves deep footprints or long lasting marks on the ground. So ask yourself can your love get your hands and feet dirty? Can it withstand any weather? Can you turn any storm into a brain storm and find a way to give hope to your sweetheart or you'll leave by the drop of a hat? You may like roses but life isn't always rosy not even in Florida where roses grow all year round. So if you wanna be a bride or groom, ask yourself, is your love patient enough to wait till it’s in bloom again? You might be a vegetarian but as you know; in real life grass isn't always green, and while making hay your lover may have sustained an injury, would you rub salt onto the wound by moving onto greener pastures? Or will you be that dedicated doctor or a fully certified night nurse that has taken an oath of office to give tender loving care around the clock to your patient, not a gold-digger makeshift lover?


You know that a girl wants a guy with a good sense of humor. Since love isn't a joke, if you're not careful people will be laughing at you. So ask yourself if you're up for it. Won't you dump her if you caught the slightest breeze or rumor of her past only to be picked by a passerby, a total stranger and live happily ever after while you're sad and lonely and praying for a miracle to happen so she'd come back into your life and make sweet love to her in your dreams only to wake up with a lifeless pillow in your arms again? Can you imagine all that touching, all those kisses? And if you're a great woman,


What? You heard me! How can you start looking for a man when you don't know your size? What if you got a wrong size and it's too tight? You know that his mama won't take him back, don't you? So there’s no exchange. You can’t have his brother. So what are you gonna do, take him for alteration? Or will you do like others do, i.e try all your best to change him? What if you won't like him later?


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
17th Aug 2015 (#)

As long as the likes outnumber the dislikes we should just plod on, no question of changing horses midstream, or rather take the easy way out - siva

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author avatar D in The Darling
21st Aug 2015 (#)

Thanks Siva. Long time. How are you keeping?

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author avatar usha kiran
24th Aug 2015 (#)

Honesty and sense of humor are essential in life and in most relationships ...

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author avatar Carol
24th Aug 2015 (#)

A very interesting post Dinthe, loyalty and showing that you care, for me is the sign of a good relationship.

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author avatar Buzz
24th Aug 2015 (#)

Great to see you D and your article!

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author avatar D in The Darling
24th Aug 2015 (#)

Carol, Buzz, Usha and Siva,
You guys are great. D in The Darling is back!

Part Two of this one coming soon!


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author avatar LUTHER CHIKONAZ
6th Nov 2018 (#)

nothing is sweeter while Love is sweet and also as painful as the wound of Love,


how are sir long time

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