1 Thing: That Can Make Your Love Last Forever (Part Two)

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Is it true that for love to last, you've to work on it everyday and spice it up to make it sweeter? If you're sweet and you think you deserve to be loved every day, can you love somebody every day? If so, to avoid love from running out, can you make love every day? If love can't be made everyday, why is it sweet? Is it only men who get the hang over? If women can't just let go too, isn't it true that love isn't like a phone call that you can just hang up and it's over?


---And if you're a great woman,

What? You heard me! How can you start looking for a man when you don't know your size? What if you got a wrong size and it's too tight? You know that his mama won't take him back, don't you? So there’s no exchange. You can’t have his brother. So what are you gonna do, take him for alteration? Or will you do like others do, i.e try all your best to change him? What if you won't like him later?

Come on ladies, what if he's too small? Can you be altered or should he just dump you? Did you say size doesn't matter at all? Are you scared of getting dumped? So you now agree with men that what every man has got down there is a master key meant to unlock any woman? I think now we got a problem. Come on ladies!

What size were you thinking about? Tell me, what's your mind doing in the gutter? You better clean it up. We're talking about the size of your heart here. So, before you provoke anyone, ask yourself if you got a big heart or a big head. Listen, it's the size of your heart and not your head, up or down there, that matters in life otherwise life would be so unfair because women only got one head. Huh! Did you say the head downstairs has got no brains whatsoever, so a man can't out-think a woman? If you're sure about that


Does your heart have a goal ladder? Are you sure that whoever finds a place in your heart will be going places and will end up not just on top you but on top of the world? Or you only got a gall bladder? If you know; it's full of crocodile bile and you'll only cause harm, can you ask yourself, what exactly you're looking for in the relationship? If you know you're not qualified to be an instructor or a motivator, if all you can be in somebody else's life is a detractor and a stumbling block, do you think you got a good reason to fall in love? If no, would you be surprised if every time you fell in love nobody stayed? Would you force somebody to stay? Would you really wanna kill somebody for trying to live a happy life? Should your lover get bitter just because there's nothing sweet about you? Is it wrong to look for the sweetness elsewhere?


If you're sure about your sweetness and you think you deserve to be loved every day, can you love somebody every day? If so, to avoid love from running out, can you make love every day? If you can't, ask yourself why? If love isn't meant to be made everyday, can you ask yourself why it is so sweet and so besotting? If there was any comparison to be made, would somebody be wrong to say;


Did you hear that? Love isn't like a phone call that you can just hang up and it's over. Love got a hangover. So the more you get, the more you want it? Or are these hangovers for men only? Are all men sex addicts? And any real therapy women give them only results into more bedroom trips? If practice makes perfect, are all men good in bed? If no, ladies, ask yourself what are you gonna do if yours is a total flop? Be honest with yourself, how much time are you gonna put into it for him to master his craft? Are you willing to spend more time making love than working as if you’ll get paid? Well, isn't love a full time job? Then there must be something in it for you, not so? What is it, chocolates, candies or ice cream? And you wanna have these everyday, right? But are these sweeter than love?


If you think I'm lying, let's ask ladies and gentlemen who make chocolates, candies and ice cream. Now let's ask ladies and gentlemen who make love. Wow! Did you hear that? Love's the only thing that you really feel its sweetness while you're making it. What a factory! Just look at its products! Love's incomparable. Look at your smile; you must be a great product of love. Can you blame your lover if he wanna sleep with you every day? If you can't sleep every day, be honest with yourself and ask yourself what you're doing in bed. If your man came to bed, and touched you, would you be surprised when you know what he came for?

What do lovers do in bed? Don't you have dreams? Isn't he the garden boy of your dreams? Is he therefore wrong to bring his hosepipe to the bedroom? If he's a hard worker, ask yourself, is he wrong to try watering your dreams everyday?If you got no dreams to be watered, can you ask yourself what exactly do you want in a man's bed? If it's money, isn't the bank the right place? If so,


If you're sleepwalking and you therefore so annoyingly unknowingly ended up in bed, would you be happier if the love was to be given to somebody else? If you now want love, would you be satisfied to see the money being given to somebody else? If you now want both, doesn't that require change of attitude? If so, what will you offer in return? And how often, baby? If for one reason or another you refused with it, wouldn't love run out? If you followed it outside and you found your love in the arms of another, would you snatch it back or fight when you know you didn't do enough to make it stay?

So instead of making excuses or trying to find someone to blame, since truth is such a bitter pill to swallow, wouldn't you at least swallow your own pride and sit down and talk? And while talking, no matter how badly you wanna spice it up, wouldn't you be honest and keep lies out of it? If you don't, can you ask yourself what you gonna do when lies finally catch up with you and your love is on the rocks?


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If you're in love, wouldn't you love that too?


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