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Some thoughts on a 5 syllable, seldom used word to explain it and give a solution to make encounters with it easier

A 5 syllable, 12 letter word that is seldom used...

Four times in the New Testament, the word ‘propitiation’ shows up. Paul uses it once in the book of Romans . The apostle John uses it twice in his first epistle. . And the writer of the book of Hebrews uses it once . This five syllable word may cause readers to stop in order to find a dictionary to look it up.

The word defined and explained

The word speaks of Jesus’ death on the cross to make atonement for the sin of mankind. His death was the reconciling act which averted the wrath of God. “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God”, said the apostle Paul. This act of Jesus, dying on the cross, was the will of God and the purpose of God in sending Jesus to earth. This was God’s intention from the beginning, when Adam and Eve chose to act in rebellion against the command not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It wasn’t His will to punish sinful mankind, but instead to offer a way to restore the fellowship between man and God which had been lost. Put very plainly and simply, Jesus was the ‘Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world. He was the ‘atoning sacrifice’ for fallen mankind’s sin.

A suggestion to make things easier.

This isn’t a word which shows up in our everyday communication or correspondence. My recommendation? In those places where the word occurs, place a post-it note in the Romans and I John passages . In the Hebrews passage, simply substitute the word atonement, meaning the penalty has been paid. Having read the contexts in which the word ‘propitiation’ occurs, and making those substitutions, one can proceed with their reading with a full understanding of what was meant each time the word ‘propitiation’ occurs. Try this if you choose. It may help you spend less time with your dictionary!

Scripture verses are from the New American Standard Version or the English Standard Version. Your comments are welcomed.


Atonement, Salvation From Sin, Salvation Of God

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author avatar Len Addington
3rd Sep 2018 (#)

ithoutwsus coming as God incarnate, becoming a man so that He could live the life of the average man, but without sin. This sinless life qualified him to be the perfect sacrifice for our sins.

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author avatar Glenn Addington
4th Sep 2018 (#)

Clarify, please!! First word?

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