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To all the stay at home moms/dads that have gotten the "stink eye" when you have been asked what you do for a living, and you reply I stay home with my child(ren).
Help prepare your teens for a life of success as you teach them how to handle their finances.
The Walt Disney Channel today, is not the Walt Disney that I once knew. What ever happen to Disney movies like the Shaggy Dog, Old Yeller, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, or Herby the Love Bug? Whatever happened to Disney TV programming like The Mickey Mouse Club or The Wonderful World of Co...
The absence of "Dead-beat dads" from a homes has placed the burden of working a full-time job while raising children on single moms. These are tips to help moms surmount some of the obstacles.
Learn how to develop constructive resistance skills with children at home and in the community.
Learn the pros and cons of home schooling your child.
Learn the things you will have to stop doing when you become a father.
Learn how to prepare your child for the first day of school.
Learn how to deal with your child being a fussy eater.
Learn how to allow your children to vent their anger without interfering.
You will learn how to raise a well-mannered child.
Learn how to promote responsibility in your teens.
Learn how to raise your children to think positively.
You will learn how to teach your children to apologize.
Learn why you should not curse in front of your kids.
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