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There are many ways to provide protection for your family. This article focuses on just one of those ways. Owning a firearm can be a very effective way to provide physical protection for your family.
Do you believe there are special children born who represent the next stage of human evolution?
.Connection between daughter and thair mothers are gentle like a flower.
This article provides a brief overview of how a new parent needs to deal with the challenges facing the stepchild.
Education today is just as important for women as it is for men; she must be-able to use her knowledge and skills to develop her confidence in equipping herself for the latter years of old age. Gone are the days when women’s prime functions in marriage were to stay home; where educa...
Homework can be very frustrating for many students. Here are some tips on how to develop a habit of doing homework.
Each of us is a unique individual. This means our children are their own person as well. Learning to treat them as such and parenting them each in a unique way can lead to a happier home and stronger more trusting relationships between parents and their children. These are a few th...
It can be a hard line to walk, being the friend that your child will pour their heart out to, and being the parent that keeps firm rules, but it can be done. Check through this list to see which parenting skills you all ready have and which ones you may need to work on.
The first of my Wonderful Birth Giver blogs to help unite all moms. Remember the moment you became a Wonderful Birth Giver for the first time? The joy you felt and the fear of the unknown. To the new Wonderful Birth Givers, that feeling never goes away and enjoy it! To all the newly e...
Parenting may be considered as a toughest phase in life. During this phase both the partners are very much active and self-reliant. They try to discharge their duties seriously and meticulously so that the assigned responsibilities are properly attended to.
The Empty Nest is a monster that settles within the home once the kids are gone. The person suffering from the Empty Nest looks forward to seeing the kids, enjoys them when they are home, but again feels the emptiness when the kids leave. It is a vicious cycle.
Every parent wants to be a perfect parent for their children but to be a perfect parent is impossible but there's a way to be a better parent and to be able to raise your child as a better person.
The Mother possesses some responsibilities which may be ignored if care is not taken. She builds the world.
A good relationship is essential if parents want to influence the choices their children make, especially when they are teens facing peer pressure about issues like drugs, sex and drinking.
Parenting is a challenge and many parents are hurting because they are using parenting methods that involve punishment which is not effective at teaching what they want to teach..
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