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One of the goals of marriage or partnership is to have offspring. It is some sort of an emotional need that has to be satisfied for most. But not all parents really want to be involved in their children as not all parents are capable of loving. It is at this point unrecognized by most...
Parents begin each school year with high anticipation for their child's success. They meet the teachers, visit the classrooms and then they cross their fingers and hope for the best, not knowing for sure what else they can do to have an impact.
Stop living through your children, let them be kids and enjoy their childhood! They already grow up FAR too fast. Stop wasting hours of their lives with hot curlers and mascara. Let them be free to make mud pies, pick wild flowers and anything else that will free their little minds!
An original piece on true meaning of being a submissive woman. A look at the role of a woman's work in this world and most especially in her home.
Debate doesn't have to be in school or workplace. Debate means having your instructions spread out to family members. The best time debate at home is dinner time
This is something I did for my son when he was very young and wouldn’t stop asking me questions while he was awake.
I would find out where the child learned stealing from, and where we parents have failed in inspiring the child to be of high moral conduct? In fact, the parents inspiration should be so strong that the child does not pick up any bad characteristic from any source.
My mum always told me that 'parenting does not stop when your children reach 20,' and boy! wasn't she right!
There are few things more frightening for parents than violence, but they are not completely helpless. Here are some tips for long term prevention of violence.
These day parents seem to be passing their children off to someone else to be raised! It's so sad to see so many children who are missing out, due to their parents selfishness! The entitlement attitude that is becoming the way of the world, will soon take us out at the knees if someth...
Babies are abandoned in garbage cans and elsewhere. Fortunately, there are baby safe haven laws to protect some of these abandoned babies. The Garden of Angels is a cemetery for some of these babies who couldn't be saved.
This story was originally published in Storytime Tapestry for Father's Day.
This article is being posted for Father's Day, and it is a reminder that not every child has a father.
Children can be difficult to deal with and even more so to manage as you struggle to inculcate some semblance of discipline in them. However, using harsh and sometimes excessive disciplining methods can go horribly wrong, forcing your child into a shell.
The family core has changed over time. We have all kinds of blended marriages. There are more and more non traditional dads, but the law has not really kept up with new societal trends.
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