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It may not be romantic, but when decide to marry or to live together, we're arranging to have a sort of contract.
When the kids are grown, with lives of their own, and the workaholic spouse is gone, do you find yourself wondering if it's all right for you to go out alone for dinner and a movie? Times have changed, making it permissible for a spouse to enjoy a night out alone.
When we're young, if we are fortunate, we formed strong relationships with our siblings. These relationships are important because through them we learn that we are not alone. They also teach us that we can have additional connections with others who are either older or younger than w...
Infidelity also known and referred to as cheating, double dealing, unfaithfulness appears to be on the increase in these times. Modern day technology like the access to internet facilities, apps, etc has made this act easier to carry out and hide so many victims are not aware that th...
Everyone thinks on it, Friendship, a never known relationship, When known, everything else is Unknown.
Pecan trees are common where I live. This particular tree is close to where I live, so it is the subject of a lot of photography experiments. It is a very old pecan tree and the bark is very rough. Once I get the lens close to it, the bark offers a lot of opportunity for texture and s...
Romance is ageless. It allures two persons to be intimate, loving, and caring. It is an act of love that entices the senses of all that are willing to experience it. However, some may feel that romance is for the young. That is not the case.
Suddenly, we are walking past this rugged looking man, his jeans are torn, his face is overcomed with 3 day old beard growth, and still, our heart skips a beat.
Online dating also referred to as Internet dating is a dating system letting individuals, couples and other groups meet online giving a possibility for developing romantic, social or even sexual relationships. The services are allowing people to provide personal information such as ag...
it is me and myself as it is felt. Think being relaxed and you would know it for sure
This article discusses if it truly is possible to find love online.
A man and woman relationship is a very delicate and sensitive one. Love is no doubt an overriding factor between the two but, if love starts to fade then dislike and hatred creeps in and leads to abuse and domestic violence.
Men do not say I love you in words as often as a woman wants to hear it. 5 TIPS TO Knowing that he loves you without him uttering a word.
Grandma’s motto: “Be an Angel in the kitchen, Be Beautiful at the window and be a Devil in the bedroom” – she did not lie.
Creating and maintaining a healthy, loving relationship is one of the most difficult jobs we will ever have. It is also one for which we receive little if any training.
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