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During my career as a child-care and parenting tutor I found many parents became very worried when their child would not eat. I also had a few mums share their child would eat a very limited range of foods. There can be medical reasons for this, but for many parents and their offspri...
You are going to learn how to handle your toddler’s temper tantrums.
This is dedicated to my beloved baby boy who fought for life, had near death experiences in the NICU and came home victoriously.
What do you do with unwanted advice, a child that is draining you of all energy and the feeling that you won't remember the sweet moments of childhood?
Aggression is part of a child’s personality. My 3 year old has this. Lately, he results to hitting me and my husband whenever he is confronted with the slightest frustration especially when he does not get what he wants. I am well aware that this aggressive behavior should be contro...
Being a parent to a child means learning from him/her sometimes
Do you know when your baby is fully ready to embrace solid food? My article offers you some ideas about that.
Do you want to know the "pros and cons" of a baby walker for your child? My article will help you to find out whether a baby walker is good for the physical development of your baby.
Do kids' early stage teeth need the attention of dental caring? As a parent, you may want to know one or two things about the difference between the teeth of yours and your loved little one's
A grandmother has the time to read to her grandchildren, thus furthering the bond between them. Children love to hear a story at bedtime and will enjoy the ritual which they will remember for a lifetime.
The natural defense systems within us, come on at an early age. Here is my witness of a child building walls to protect her tender heart.
For children, what we call "play" is really their "work." Getting a child ready for a new experience can involve figuring out how to prepare them, including through play.
Love is the deepest root, that nourishes the heart to grow. Nothing comes more pure than the love of a child. Cultivate their spirit, and they will carry your legacy with them, always.
God created man to be the leader of the home, the provider and the protector. The children are to look to their father especially for spiritual counsel and guidance.
The musings of a toddler mom while trying to soothe her fussy toddler and how the color of a truck leads to rainbow hugs...
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