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My experience as a teenager and my thoughts and insights of today's teenagers ideas.
Finding your own identity is an important part of the teen years and a lot of factors contribute to this phase. This stage of development can also cause identity issues as teens struggle to discover who they are.
An important part of parenting is to encourage good character traits in your teenager. Sportsmanship is one such trait and here are some tips on how to your teenager about this.
gotta put your life in order, pursue your dreams and do what's right for your future whatever that may consist of
Children with sensitive abilities often get mistaken for having mental health issues. Although i was energy sensitive as a child, my circumstances was slightly different to other sensitive children. This story is a more deeper insight to my childhood.
A Step By Step Guide On Shopping For The Perfect Prom Dress With Your Teen
The majority of their problems come from some kind of dissatisfaction, that’s usually connected to their looks which is completely new to them. Instead of making them feel like monsters – which is how most teenagers see themselves – you should help them learn how to maintain the...
There are so many factors that have negative influences on today's youth. This includes violence on television, peer pressure, and poor adult role models. The only way that these negative influences can be eliminated is by presenting youth with more positive influences, such as progra...
This page will reveal some important and tips for teenagers.
It is no question that media influences teenagers to a great degree. Adolescents are more impressionable than any other age group. This is because this is a time when they are developing their identities in such a way that society will accept. The media plays a large role in how teena...
If you have teenagers, then you know how difficult it is to have a happy, drama-free meal together. I have three teenagers in my household and have come up with a few "tricks" over the years to ensure blissful family meals.
We often hear people complaining about teenagers and kids being selfish and ungrateful. If so, whose fault is that? I think perhaps previous generations failed to teach them gratitude along the way.
This is a story of when I turned 11 and my parents forgot my birthday. A true story, that still effects me to this day
You will learn how to financially plan for the future as a teen.
Bad things happen because of Bullying. So that's why I made this. :)
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